We need our physical and mental well-being to be in top shape during stressful times like the holidays. Being mindful to regularly consume water can help you avoid fatigue and low energy, dry skin, and impaired physical performance. There are consequences when your body loses more fluids than it takes in. When you don’t drink enough water, your body can become dehydrated.

Here are some practical tips to stay hydrated this holiday season.



Set a mini hydration break

One great way to stay hydrated is to establish a routine. Routines can be tough to start–and even tougher to maintain–but don’t worry! Small steps can make even a large task easier to achieve.

It’s simple to lose track of time, but Hydracy can be your hydration buddy this holiday season for easy time-marked hydration. Rely upon our time marker Sports and Infusion bottles. Indicators on the bottle help you keep track of how much water you have had throughout the day. Aim for each hourly mark to ensure you stay hydrated while you manage the chaos this season.

If you need some prompting, set reminders to drink water regularly with an hourly timer on your smartphone or leave yourself a sticky note. Find something you do regularly, then enhance that moment with a mini hydration break. Some people take sips of water whenever they finish an email.

Taking a small break to refuel your body is also a healthy alternative to the constant grind of work or school. Drinking small sips from a reusable water bottle on a schedule can help you track how much water you drink each day.



Enhance your tap water with flavor for festive infusions

Skip the sugary peppermint mocha! Infuse your water with seasonal flavors to elevate your hydration game. Some people think water is monotonous and boring. If that’s you, we know just what to do!

Try our Fruit Infuser 32 oz bottle to craft delightful concoctions of cranberries, oranges, and mint. Or you can add cinnamon sticks, apple slices, and a dash of nutmeg. You can stay refreshed while sipping on festive creations. Searching for new infusion recipes? We gathered a few fun winter water infusion recipes for you.

Despite what you may have heard, hot water infusion can destroy fruit’s fragile enzymes and vitamins. Add slices of organic fruits, cucumbers, mint leaves, or berries into room temperature or cold water for a refreshing taste. 



Choose BPA free water bottles

Carrying a reusable water bottle helps you stay hydrated everywhere you go. On holiday travel or on a winter adventure, our carrying straps make our Sports bottle the perfect travel companion. Convenient carry handles help keep your water close at hand so you can stay hydrated on the go, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile. Also, a strap comes in handy when chatting with friends on a walk.

Drinking plenty of water can help us feel full and avoid empty calories from sugary drinks and treats (you know you’ll be tempted at parties). If you carry a water bottle to holiday events you may find it easier to turn down sugary drinks and alcohol, because you’ll already have a tasty drink.



Add a unique crowd pleaser to your next party

You can enjoy the flavors of the season without compromising on hydration. One easy way to increase your water consumption is to opt for foods with high water content. Enjoy steaming foods like soups, stews and broths as a comfort in the winter months. Not only do you get hydrating vegetables like celery, spinach, and carrots in delicious meals this way, but you also increase your hydration levels.

When you entertain this holiday, opt for a hydration station for a healthy and life-affirming gift to your guests. Use a glass carafe infuser or create hydrating and invigorating cranberry iced teas or peppermint cold brew infusions.

You could even prep a gift of several Hydracy bottles with infusion fruits already in them for your close friends or family. Then everyone gets their own water bottle to enjoy at the party and take home with them. Water bottles are also the perfect gift for coworkers.



Alternate sodas or coffee with water

Holidays are filled with offers to drink soda or consume alcohol during December celebrations. Did you know coffee and alcohol can have a dehydrating effect? Try drinking additional water to offset the diuretic properties of those drinks and stay hydrated. Choose from our selection of water bottles and accessories to ensure your loved ones stay hydrated–and stylish–throughout the season.

Of course, mocktails are better than cocktails! Instead of choosing alcohol, have a mocktail with hydrating ingredients. You can spread the holiday cheer by giving the gift of hydration with Hydracy water bottles. It’s something your friends and loved ones will use all year long.

Author: Barbara Bagwell