32 oz / 1 L Infuser Bottle with Time Marker and Sleeve

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Time Marker

Our minimalist time marker isn't just a design—it's your hydration guide. A quick glance at the intuitive timeline effortlessly tracks your progress, encouraging increased water intake. Hit your daily hydration goals like clockwork.

100% Leak Proof Lid Lock

Our 100% leak and spill-proof lid lock system ensures no accidental spills or messes. Engineered to prevent unwanted openings, this feature keeps your beverage safely contained, guaranteeing a mess-free experience.

Neoprene Sleeve

Our included neoprene sleeve is more than just a stylish addition; it's your companion for a condensation-free experience. This sleeve is meticulously crafted to keep your bottle dry and free from any unwanted sweating or condensation, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

Infuser Basket

Enhance your hydration with ease using our built-in fruit infusion strainer. Designed to accommodate your favorite fruits, this convenient strainer ensures a smooth infusion experience without the worry of swallowing seeds.


Our infusion bottle is equipped with an extra convenient carry handle for easy portability. This well-designed handle adds a touch of practicality to your hydration routine.

Fitted Grip

Experience a comfortable and secure grip with our Infusion Bottle, featuring fitted grips. Designed with your convenience in mind, these ergonomic grip make handling your bottle a breeze.


We stand behind our products. Your Hydracy product comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not absolutely 100% thrilled with your infuser, we'll refund or replace it.

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