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1. What is your Shipping Policy?

Don't worry. All of our orders are being delivered to you by, which offers one of the best shipping services in the world.

2. How can I get the fruit infused water recipes eBook gift ?

Yes, absolutely! The eBook is sent in a digital form (PDF) to you and to receive it, please subscribe to our eBook VIP club.   

3. Does liquid stay cool or cold, and if it does for how long?

If you follow the instructions the liquid stays cool for a couple of hours. Use the insulation  provided for full effect.

4. For models that have it, does the infuser basket in the middle come out for cleaning?

Yes it does! The infuser basket is nicely designed, practical and easy to clean.

5. Will my water bottle really be leak proof?

Yes it will! We do our best to design all of our products to satisfy your needs in each possible way.