Working from Home: Here’s How to Achieve Greater Work/Life Balance

If the COVID-19 pandemic has you working from home, and you’re having more issues with achieving work/life balance, don’t worry. There are things you can do to make your impromptu workspace highly efficient. As long as you’re willing to change things up some, you’ll have no problem keeping your personal and professional lives separate.


This short guide is one that delivers results. Follow the advice included here and make your home an atmosphere of calm. The space that you designate as your home office can be a place that you’re able to get work done easily. 


Working from home? Below are tips for achieving greater work/life balance. Apply them immediately for the best results. You’ll notice that you have more satisfaction with your personal and professional lives. 


Set Clear Boundaries About the Hours That You’ll Work 


One of the most important things you can do to establish boundaries between your personal and professional lives is to decide what type of schedule you’ll keep. Being mindful not to let the two overlaps is how you’ll be happier. You can return to the work that you need to do the next day. It will be there when you go back to your home office. 


Close the Door While You’re Working 


A physical boundary helps you separate your office from the rest of the house. When you close the door, it lets others in your household know that you’re not available. They know that you’re working and will stay out of your way until you take a break or complete your activities for the day. When you can address their needs again, open the door to signify that you’re available. 


Don’t Take Work-Related Phone Calls During Your Time with Your Family 


If you use the same phone line for work and home, make sure not to answer it while spending time with your family. Let it go to voicemail and address the call the next workday. The same goes for emails that come through while you’re “off.” It’s things that should be taken care of when you’re back at work. 


Plan an Activity That Signifies the End of the Work Day 


Once you finish work, go for a walk or bike ride. Grab your refillable water bottle, your pet, and your family, and get your body moving. It gives you a chance to unwind and start the afternoon or evening out doing something you love. A ritual like this is one that helps you appreciate your time off from work even more because there is a clear line drawn between your personal and professional pursuits. 


Be a Work/Life Balance Expert While Working at Home 


Work/life balance is achievable with practice. Now that you don’t have a physical location outside the home to report to each day, it’s more important than ever to exercise boundaries when it comes to your personal and professional lives. If you’re not clear about what your workday entails, you’ll likely spend more time outside regular working hours answering client emails and doing work outside the scope of your job description. 

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