Why Use a Water Infuser

Water might seem boring, but we’re built to need more of it than we take in on a regular basis. Many of us dehydrate ourselves as we take in water, by getting our water from places like coffee or soda or other drinks that do a lot of work to reverse the hydration we should be doing. This results in us being slower, achier and often having difficulty concentrating. Sprucing up your water with a simple infuser bottle not only helps you enjoy your water, but it could make your day go by quicker.

It’s Quick

There’s nothing simpler than grabbing your water bottle with a built-in infuser and throwing in whatever strikes your fancy that morning. It’s even quicker if you prep it in advance and leave it to infuse overnight – all you have to do in the morning is grab your bottle with infuser and head out the door. Anything you want to add, like lemon juice for a metabolism boost – is just a quick addition away, and you haven’t lost any time.

It’s Easy

You don’t need to chop anything, you don’t need to cook anything. You throw in your fruits or herbs or whatever you’re looking to add to your water, and you’re ready to drink. You know how you have to tell a kid who hates their vegetables that broccoli is a magic tree? Consider infusing your water a way of talking yourself into doing the right things for your body. Sometimes adults need incentives, too, and naturally flavored water is a great way to give yourself that incentive.

It’s Healthy

Hydrating is a necessity, and avoiding dehydrating chemicals like caffeine is integral to keeping our bodies running at peak condition. If you use your infuser to get extra vitamins and minerals into your diet, you’re doing yourself an extra service – and saving yourself a step or two – by getting the things you might be missing out on while also simply drinking water.

It’s Better for the Environment

The scourge of non-recycled water bottles – which often are not recyclable at all anyway – is something we can all do our part to prevent. While manufacturers are responsible for providing more recyclable options, we can send a message to corporations and help out the environment by getting ourselves an infusing water bottle to keep our water interesting and fun to drink. You won’t need to think about replacing it, and keeping it clean is a breeze.

It Will Save Money

Why give in to the impulse to purchase a soda or a bottle of water at a store when you can have something ten times better for you with you at all times? Consider it a reasonably-priced investment in your own health to get an infuser bottle, instead of spending hundreds or thousands a year on “disposable” water bottles. A couple dollars a day adds up, and when you compare that to something you only have to buy once, the answer is clear.

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