Where to Seek Inspiration When You Need Motivation

Where to Seek Inspiration When You Need Motivation

From time to time, you may need to fill the proverbial well so to speak with as much goodness as it can possibly hold. It prevents you from getting creatively blocked and having your projects and self-care suffer as a result of it. By looking for growth opportunities wherever you go, you're able to stay inspired and at the top of your game. Success comes easier when you're having fun and enjoying what you're doing, too.

There are many ways to seek inspiration when you need an extra boost of motivation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Read a book in a genre you're not used to reading. 

It's fantastic to do something you've never done before especially if you've convinced yourself that there is no value to doing it. There may be a genre of book that you've never bothered reading. It could be because you were too busy reading other books to even considering picking up a title outside of the shelves of your bookcase. Go to the library and choose a title that you wouldn't read ordinarily and document your experience. Did you feel resistance when picking up the book? Did you dive right in without looking back?

Listen to a TED Talk or podcast by a motivational speaker.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge shared by other people. There are many wonderful speeches and podcasts to choose from. Download one to your phone and listen to it while working out. You can easily enjoy the experience by making it an activity that you do while moving around. That way, you're able to accomplish two things at once.

Share your wild and crazy ideas with your wildest and craziest friends.

See what transpires when you collaborate together. Bounce ideas off of them and allow them to bounce ideas off of you. You'll find that working with a team is often more lucrative than attempting to do things by yourself. Make it a habit to share with people even if you can't meet in person. Make a group online for that sole purpose and invite your family and friends to be a part of your latest endeavors.

Go on a day-long adventure and leave the direction you travel to a coin.

If the coin you flipped is heads, turn right. If it's tails, turn left. Keep flipping and turning until you've reached a town or city. Stop and experience something that you can only do there. For example, if the location you've driven is known for its homemade pies at the local diner, make sure that you sample one before going back home. Having a road map to refer to in your car for the ride back is ideal because you may have no idea how you arrived to your destination prior.

Make it a point to get inspired wherever you go. There's plenty of ways to get fired up and motivated. Decide which are the most meaningful for you and do them often. That way, you're always in touch with the part of yourself that is creative and innovative. You'll have a wealth of ideas to tap into that fuel future projects and goals.

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