What is a Passion Project, and How Do You Pick One to Work On?

So, you might have heard people talking about Passion Projects in the past. What exactly are they? What do they entail? Knowing more about what they are helps you determine whether you’d like to start one or not.

What Type of Things are You Passionate About?

Consider this your short guide to Passion Projects. You’ll learn what they are and how they can continue to inspire you day after day, week after week, and month after month. We’ll discuss how you can make more time for your passions, too, so that you don’t forget about them just as soon as you get busy once again.

Some examples of Passion Projects include:

  • Write a book. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer, now’s your chance. All you need to do is develop a routine that gets you writing. There is no magical formula. If you devote time to your craft, you’ll improve your skills immensely.
  • Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle. Being good to Mother Earth is a goal that many people share. Learning how to reduce the amount of waste you and your household produces each year is an art. Adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle takes commitment, but the rewards are outstanding.
  • Start a garden. Growing your own food is empowering. Sharing what you’ve produced with others is even more exciting. Taking your excess surplus and donating it to a food pantry or non-profit organization ensures that your passion inspires others.
  • Become an Armchair Activist. You don’t need to attend in-person protests to have your voice heard. You can spark change from the comfort of your living room. All you need to do is find a campaign you’re passionate about and start writing letters and signing petitions.
  • Learn how to paint. Channel your inner Bob Ross by picking up a paintbrush. There are plenty of tutorials and classes online that teach you the basics of painting. Choosing the medium that you like best-acrylic, oil, gouache, or watercolor is the place to start in becoming the artist you always dreamed of being.

There is no limit to what you can become passionate about today. Your Passion Project is something that excites and challenges you. It gives you a reason to jump out of bed in the morning and rush home at night to work on it some more. One of the most exciting things about Passion Projects is that there are no limits to how many you can have going at once. If you feel extremely committed, you can divide your time between multiple projects that inspire you.

Be Passionate About Good Hydration

If you want to train for a marathon, a cross country biking experience, or a backpacking trip around the globe, you’ve got to make plans. Acquiring the tools and equipment that you need to make your training easier is imperative. One thing that benefits every Passion Project is a refillable water bottle taken with you on-the-go. It can be carried to language learning classes at your local college or packed in a carry-on bag as you board your next international flight. It provides you with a constant source of clean drinking water wherever you go.

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