Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

After you’ve finished penning your 2019 resolutions and goals, it’s time to take a step back and look at all the wonderful things you achieved this past year. From getting into the best physical shape of your life to expanding your social circle to include people you haven’t known since kindergarten, you’ve realized that some of the best things in life are outside your comfort zone. So, how are you going to improve yourself this year? Isn’t it possible to have an even more wonderful experience in the next 365 calendar days?

It is, and we’re going to show you how to carpe diem each and every day. That way, you have plenty to talk about in 2020. When you’re able to see just how easy it is to accomplish your ideal life, you’ll continually make choices that align with the feeling you desire to feel in the future.

Some of the many ways to make 2019 your best year ever include:

Say “Yes!” to new experiences and friendships.

If you’re the type of person who likes to play it safe by doing the things you know you enjoy doing and spending time with people you already know, you could be missing out on the adventure of a lifetime. Make it a point to say “Yes!” more often than “No!” this year. Start conversations with complete strangers wherever you go. If you’re not the type of person to break the ice, think about how uncomfortable it is to sit in silence. Most people feel just as shy as you do when encountering someone they don’t know. One great conversation could lead to the best friendship of your life!

Use up your vacation days.

Many Americans accumulate massive amounts of paid time off but fear taking it because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Don’t be that person. Make sure that you use up your vacation days by spending them somewhere you’ve really wanted to go. Make it something that you look forward to throughout the year. Plan an extended weekend or short road trip now.

Get passionate about something that interests you.

Explore the world of possibilities that open up when you dig deep into a topic that excites you. You never know where it will take you in life. You may emerge with more knowledge about your family’s ancestry or develop a new skill such as woodworking. Whatever piques your interest is worth exploring. Read books, watch videos, and take classes on subjects that ignite the fire inside of you.

Use your lunch break for enjoying your food.

Don’t multitask. Don’t cut your time away from work short. Use the time to focus on your food. Enjoy how it looks, smells, and tastes. Work on being very present in the moment. That way, you’re able to digest it properly and feel energized the rest of the day. When you gulp down your food without much thought, you tend to overeat or feel hungry later on. Make sure that you feel completely satiated before returning to the job at hand.

You’ve got 365 opportunities to make this year the best, brightest, and healthiest year of your life. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace change. Everything that is wonderful in your life once was something you knew little about. Make 2019 the year that everything changed for the better. We’re here rooting you on!

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