Ways to Give Back Without Stepping a Foot Outside Your Home

Ways to Give Back Without Stepping a Foot Outside Your Home

If you’ve ever been passionate about a subject and wanted to do your part to raise awareness about it, now’s your chance to do so. Despite many people remaining sheltered-at-home, they still have joined forces with some of their favorite non-profits and charitable organizations to create a kindness movement. You can do the same in very little time, without the need to travel, and even without money in many cases.

Start Today By Choosing an Activity to Complete By the Evening

Even the smallest action has significant results. Make it your intention for the day to do as much good as you can before sunset.  You’ll be amazed at how many hours of giving back rack up in a few short weeks.

The following ideas are ones that allow you to give back without stepping a foot outside your home.

  • Click to donate food to shelter animals. The Greater Good Network consists of many ways to help animals in need. On its The Animal Rescue Site, you can click on a button as a way of funding the organization’s efforts to feed animals in need. You’re able to donate free food once a day and up to four times a day during extraordinary circumstances.
  • Remove trash from the ocean by answering a trivia question. com removes a piece of plastic from the ocean on your behalf each day for answering a trivia question about sea life. You don’t even need to get the answer correct to have an ocean-cleaning effort initiated, either. The site limits submissions to one a day.
  • Send an uplifting text to a stranger and receive one back in return. Text for Humanity is an initiative that allows you to send texts to a phone number and receive a response in return. It’s a great way to start your day and spread a little kindness and inspiration to another person.
  • Write a letter or send a card to someone who needs some extra love and support. It’s something very easy to do, and there is no end to who you can share sentiments with throughout the year. Very few people get anything but bills and advertisements in the mail. It’s time to change that by filling their mailboxes with “happy mail.”
  • Make items by hand and donate them. From knitted scarves to blessing bags, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from today. Contact organizations directly to see what they can use most. You’d be surprised at the wide range of items you can make by hand and donate to people in need.

Some days, you’ll only have a few minutes to spare. Other days, you’ll be able to commit to doing several of the suggestions on this list. Even if you’re only able to pitch in a few times a week or month, don’t let it stop you from giving openly and regularly.

Be an Armchair Advocate for the Causes That Matter Most to You

You can give back to your community and charities in need of your support from the comfort of your living room. All you need to do is free up some time in your schedule to make things happen. It doesn’t hurt to have a reliable internet connection that you can use to further your reach, too.


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