Virtual Health and Wellness

Finding time, as well as space, to exercise or practice wellness can be difficult. Especially in a time where many of us are still staying home and are so used to our spaces, finding options that help us use the space and time we already have might be the help we need to get our wellness time in. It’s not just “me time,” which is important, but time to concentrate on the things we don’t always have the energy to deal with – namely: eating right, exercising, and thinking about our own minds. You need a good place to start, and fortunately, a lot of this can be found virtually.

YouTube and Other Streaming Exercise Classes

You’ll find an endless supply of exercise classes on YouTube and on other streamers. Some of them will come with subscription fee, and some are attached to specific exercise devices. You should choose a class that is your speed, especially if it’s been a while since you last exercise, and if you aren’t sure if an exercise regimen is right for you, consult your doctor.


Skillshare is a website designed to teach you just about anything, from web design to crafts They have free trials, but you’ll pay for a membership after that trial. While many people use Skillshare to learn new skills like video editing, many also flock to the site for wellness classes. Find a professional whose advice works for you, and check out their slate of classes, being sure to keep track of the status of your free trial, if you’d rather get a free head start.

Online Nutrition Coaching

While this is yet another wellness area where consulting with a doctor is important, you can find online nutrition coaching that works with your lifestyle. While it’s inadvisable to sign up for something that might have nutritional products tacked onto it (meaning that person just wants you to buy their products), you can likely find someone who follows the basic, common sense rules of nutrition and walks you through how to eat the healthiest in a way that fits the way you already live your life.

Online Meditation Classes

Meditation is becoming increasingly more common as a practice amongst people of all ages, and you can find many classes through your local or state government that can walk you through. If you search through your government sites, you may also have the opportunity to visit online meditation classes. It is advisable to start at the government level first and, as always, avoid sites who are trying to sell you anything other than meditation classes.


Wellness is no one single thing, which is why you need to look at the options available to you to find the option that fits you best for exercise, for meditation and mindfulness, for nutrition and for self-care. These are all important, and using the programs you have access to is always a good start to getting where you need to be.

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