Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Health Enthusiasts: Top 5 Gifts

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Health Enthusiasts: Top 5 Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and you may be wondering what the best gift for the health enthusiast in your life may be. After all, you want to get your partner something that encourages their interests and hobbies, but you want to make sure it’s useful. To help you pick the perfect last-minute gift - that doesn’t look like a last-minute gift - here as a gift guide for health enthusiasts, featuring the top 5 gifts. 


If your partner doesn’t already have a FitBit, then this would be a great gift idea. FitBits act as more than a pedometer while running, you can also wear it while swimming, cycling, and even sleeping. It tracks your footsteps and calories burned. Some can even track the amount of sleep you get and your quality of sleep while others can even act as smartwatches of sorts, allowing you to receive calls and text messages. 

Water Bottle

One thing that a fitness lover will almost always appreciate is a sports water bottle. Everyone needs water - whether your only activity is climbing the stairs or if you spend hours in the gym every day. Water helps keep your body functioning efficiently and keeps your organs healthy. Having a reusable water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated on the go without having to buy plastic water bottles which are both pricey and harmful to the environment. If your partner already has a favorite sports water bottle, you can also consider a fruit infuser water bottle, allowing them to add their favorite combinations of fruits and flavors to their water. 

Fitness Box Subscription

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps giving all year long, and you’re willing to pay just a bit more, then a fitness box subscription may just be the perfect gift to give your loved one this Valentine's Day. Fitness boxes come once a month and feature a large variety of things that every fitness enthusiast will love - from gear to snacks to clothing to tips. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of fitness box subscriptions available on the market, so you’ll be able to shop around and find the best one for your partner. 

Health Food Subscription Box

On the same note, you can also buy your partner a subscription to a healthy eating box. In recent years, these have become extremely popular, and there are many options available. Once a week or so, your loved one will receive a box with everything they need to make a healthy meal that can double as a perfect date night.  

Gift Cards

If your partner has seemingly everything fitness related they could ever need and you’re at a loss for ideas, consider purchasing a gift card to their favorite athletic store. Whether it’s clothing, gear, or shoes, they’ll eventually have to replace the things that they have now, and a gift card would be a big help for fronting some of the cost.

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