Tips for Staying Hydrated this Coming Fall

Tips for Staying Hydrated this Coming Fall


It can be very easy to take for granted that cooler weather means less sweating, which equals less dehydration. The problem there, is, that we’re actively heating ourselves while doing, usually, the same amount of work as usual. Just because the air has a chill doesn’t mean we don’t suddenly need a little water. Here are five tips for making sure you stay hydrated as the temperature begins to shift to the cooler side.

Jump the Gun on Water Drinking

Many of us have such busy days and distracted brains that we may even need assistance reminding us of when to drink. One key way to stay hydrated during the cooler weather is not to wait until you feel thirsty to start drinking water. Keep stocked, keep your bottle filled, whatever it takes, but drink first and avoid dehydration regrets later.

Put In What You Take Out

If you’re exercising at all – anything from walking to high-intensity exercises – you’ll want to closely monitor your exercise session. If you exercise for any period of time, you’ll be losing water and you’ll be getting rid of electrolytes. Make sure you’ve got enough so that you feel balanced at the end of your workout or simple exercise – after all, exercise is supposed to make you feel healthier!

Colder Isn’t Always Better

For a lot of people, a cold glass of water is always extra-refreshing, regardless of what you’re doing. Especially after a hard workout, you’re desperate to chug a glass of ice-cold water. If you’re dealing with congestion or hoping to improve your digestion, or if you’re simply looking to slake your thirst, room temperature water is actually best.

The Cucumber Water Isn’t Just for Customers

Add some refreshing touches to your normal water, like fruit or berries, or if you want to add a little freshness or spark, try lemon or even cucumber in your water. This is especially helpful if you find yourself to be a picky drinker. If you need flavored water to make sure you’re hydrated, make it the best concoction you can at your optimal price point (just don’t add any sugar).

Avoid Caffeine, Opt for the Honey

Adding honey and lemon to warm water instead of caffeinated tea is a way to get a delicious hot drink on a cold day without caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates you and then makes it harder to balance out your water and electrolyte intake. You can also try herbal teas or other non-caffeinated drinks, but do your research to make sure none of the herbs have a tendency to dry you out or otherwise dehydrate you.


You don’t want to be caught in a dehydrating situation at all, much less if you’ve forgotten to stay hydrated. Staying on top of your water intake – whether it’s from food, your bottle, snacks, or whatever – is critical to staying healthy and avoiding injury. The less water you have, the more prone you are to inflammation and potentially to injury.

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