Thinking About Digestion

Thinking About Digestion


With holiday feasting and big family dinners, there is always a large focus on food at this time of year. Most people do not think about their digestion until there is some kind of problem. In reality, as we age, we are more likely to have digestive issues arise. There are helpful and preventative measures to take, in order to support your digestion now and for the future. Here are some ways to boost your digestion and strengthen your system.


  • Drink a proper amount of water

While the recommendations do change over the years, the standard recommendation for daily water consumption is around 3 liters right now. It does vary for men and women, and it does depend on size. Consult with your doctor if you are unsure. Whatever the amount needed, invest in a copious water bottle, filled with clean and quality water, that you can have by your side all day.

There are people out there who find water boring enough to avoid. This is a problem that is easy to solve. Think about investing in an infuser-style bottle. This will allow you to add the essence of anything from ginger to rose petals to lemons in your drinking water for the day.


  • Take probiotics

Twice daily probiotics not only increase your ability to digest correctly- they also help give your immune system a big jumpstart for the cold and flu season. They can help balance feminine PH and bacteria in the gut, as well as reduce bloating.

These are easy to find at any drug store, but consult your doctor for what kind may be right for you, if you are unsure. Make sure to read the labels as some probiotics may require refrigeration or have short expiration dates.


  • Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is essential to keep your body’s systems moving, and to maintain your overall health. Long walks before and/or after eating can be beneficial, as can following a regular exercise plan.

The only thing to watch out for is consuming foods that are difficult to digest before strenuous exercise. Consuming broccoli or brussel sprouts before attempting a sprint can be unnecessarily uncomfortable. Foods like that are beneficial as they provide fiber, but they can also create bloating or bulkage that is not conducive to working out.


  • Stop eating when you are full

This is a skill worth learning for life. Especially around the holidays, there is a tendency to confound emotions and food. People want you to eat and enjoy the things they make. But, they are not the ones who know what your healthy daily consumption should look like, you are.

Feeling full is hard to ascertain sometimes. One approach is to eat more slowly. This way your stomach has time to catch up with your brain, and let it know that you have had enough.


Being mindful about your digestive system can impact the rest of your life. We all know that our stomachs and intestines can affect our mood and motivation. But gut health is also closely related to your immune system. So this winter more than ever, it’s a good time to pay attention to this area of life.

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