The Top Health and Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2019

The Top Health and Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2019

So, you want to know what to expect in the areas of health and wellness for 2019. You’re not alone! Many people want to be well-informed when it comes to what foods to eat, beverages to drink, diets to try, and self-care practices to engage in. Thanks to experts around the world, there are predictions as to what will trend this year in the health and wellness industries. We’re sharing some of our favorites so that you, too, can be well-informed as you start out the new year.

Some of the top health and wellness trends to watch for in 2019 include:

1. Eco-Keto Diets.

Vegan and vegetarians across the globe have different reasons for eating the way that they do. For some, it’s to help combat the devastating destruction to the planet caused by the meat industry. Good news for the eco-friendly folks this year. The wildly-popular Keto diet is being veganized and vegetarianized this year. You’ll find more people adopting a plant-based version of the diet because they want to do good by Mother Earth.

2. Reiki Energy Facials.

Crystal healing is something that has been trending for quite some time. 2019 is the year for Reiki energy facials. Yes, you read that right! Your skin is getting its own energy healing from certified Reiki masters. Healing inflammatory issues and break-outs has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to this trend which has been embraced in the United Kingdom and is gaining momentum in the States.

3. Immersion Fitness at Home.

Enjoying the benefits of personal training without the need to leave the house sounds delightful, right? Think of how much time you’ll save each week by not needing to drive to the gym to get in an intense workout. Thanks to immersion fitness, you receive the same heart-pounding, fat-burning instruction you’d receive in person from a personal trainer but virtually.

4. Ayurveda

The ancient medical system of India has received glowing praise in recent years by health gurus. You’ll hear a lot more about it this year thanks to author Sahara Rose who brings its teachings to a wider audience with her book, Eat Feel Fresh, an instruction guide meets cookbook with beautiful photographs and a really cool vibe.

5. Wellness Products in Mainstream Drugstores.

Rather than just focus on curing symptoms, drugstores around the country are now carrying products that prevent illnesses in the first place. You’ll see a wide selection of wellness companies being sold at your favorite retailers. You’ll be able to pick up acupressure mats and essential oils along with cough drops and bandages.

6. Fresher Snacks with Fewer Preservatives.

More of the foods you like to munch on will be found in the refrigerated aisles of the supermarket. You’ll find a better variety and can easily make the switch from over-processed, nutrient-void munchies to food items that nourish you completely without overloading your body with fat, sodium, sugar, and calories.

Stay on top of what is trending in the areas of health and wellness this year by locating resources that keep you up-to-date. You could follow blogs or the social media accounts of your favorite influencers. Reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts are also great ways to stay in-the-know about the subjects that matter most to you. Make 2019 your healthiest year yet by opening your mind and applying what you’ve learned from the trends listed above to your life right away.

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