The Best Apps to Use for Reaching Your Goals

You’re a bonafide trailblazer. You know how to set goals well. It’s achieving them that seems to be the problem. So, why not make things easier on yourself by investing in tools that help simplify the process? If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, you can easily download applications that make goal setting (and goal achieving) a breeze. Many of the options that are available are also free, making them even better options for you if you’re on a budget.

Goal-Setting Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Setting goals that are attainable is half the battle. Keeping the momentum when you’re actually achieving them takes skill. Maintaining progress is easier when you’re able to track how far you’ve come. Thanks to technology, you now have an easier way to monitor your progress without the use of lines or check marks entered on a calendar.

Here are some of the best apps to use for reaching your goals:

  • HabitBull. Created for both iOS and Android device users, this habit tracker allows you to monitor your progress in real time by checking off the habits you want to build upon or completely eliminate from your life. Give up soda, drink more water or meditate daily with greater ease. You’ve got a community of likeminded people to bond with. You’ll even find the motivational quotes dispersed throughout the app very inspiring.
  • Me. If you’ve always wanted to benefit from the support of a personal coach but found the cost of hiring one too expensive for your budget, get the next best thing. This app is for iOS and Android devices and helps you achieve more by providing you with the instruction and high-fives that you deserve for a job well done. You can be your own coach or decide to hire a professional once you have the finances to do so. This app is great for all types of goals including personal, professional, and even health-related feats.
  • Plant Nanny. Part game, part water tracker, Plant Nanny allows iOS and Android users to care for plants with every glass or bottle of water that they drink. By recording the ounces of H2O you’ve consumed daily, you’re able to take a growing plant and watch it mature to a healthy, thriving animation on your phone or tablet’s screen. The free app has different levels of achievement and plants to choose from. It gives you the responsibility of caring for an inanimate object while caring for yourself. If you need an extra push to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, this will do it for you.

There are plenty more apps where this list leaves off. It’s up to you to explore the different options available to see which work best for you. You may find one more ideal than another.

Use Your Smartphone to Set SMART Goals

Reach your goals with greater ease. Having an app on your smartphone that measures your progress is the perfect way to stay on top of your achievements. From monitoring the number of bottles of water you’ve drunk in a day to seeing how close you are to meeting your personal weight loss goals, you’ve got options. Start using your phone for what is made for, simplifying life right away.

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