Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is in full effect. That’s why it’s important to remember to protect yourself from illness every way you can. Doing so prevents absences from work and school. Prevention also cuts your recovery time in half in the event you do fall ill because you’ve done things to strengthen your immune system.

Here is how to stay healthy during cold and flu season:

1. Stay hydrated.

Getting enough H2O into your body is key as it prevents dehydration from occurring. When you’re sick with a cold or the flu, the illnesses deplete your body of its vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Increasing fluid intake during this time is essential as being dehydrated makes it harder to heal and introduces new symptoms to treat.

2. Up your Vitamin C intake.

Eat citrus fruit or drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice. You can even use citrus to add flavor to plain water. Aim to get an adequate of amount of Vitamin C daily. The recommended daily amount needed for women is 75 milligrams. For men, it is 90 milligrams as explained by the Mayo Clinic. Vitamin C helps the body heal.

3. Eat your fruits and veggies.

Packed with vitamins and nutrients that help strengthen your immune system, fresh produce is essential to good health. Visit your local farmers market or supermarket and select an array of fruit and vegetables to eat throughout the week. Eat the foods whole, in their natural state or cut them up to add to smoothies, salads, and even soups.

4. Get a good workout in.

When you sweat, you remove built-up toxins from your body. Therefore, a good workout does more than clear your mind and strengthen your muscles. It allows your lymphatic system to do its job. Fewer toxins in your body means better immunity.

5. Make sure that you’re well rested.

It’s easy to fall ill when you haven’t had enough rest. Doing things to help you adjust to a normal sleep schedule is key. It’s absolutely essential because the body heals while you rest. Sleep is restorative and allows your body to repair itself as needed. That way, you’ll wake up and feel energized. You’re ready to approach the day with a positive outlook.

This is a just a few of the things you can do to prepare for cold and flu season. It’s important to protect yourself while around others who may be carrying viruses. Make sure to wash your hands with warm, soapy water often.

Carry hand sanitizer with you to combat germs. You’ll find pocket-sized bottles that attach to your keychain or can be carried in your coat pocket. Buy a small supply of the product and keep it on hand in your vehicle, office drawer, and gym bag.

Stay healthy despite the illnesses that are being passed around your children’s schools and your workplace. Follow the advice listed above for a happier, healthier you overall. Cold and flu season can bypass you. You then won’t need to worry about taking sick time from work to recover or tend to an ill kid who wasn’t able to go to school.

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