Spring Cleaning for Spring Meaning

Spring Cleaning for Spring Meaning

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about how cleaning up is a zen place for them, but weren’t sure what they meant by that, then this is for you. Wellness and mindfulness are often accomplished in very individual ways, so cleaning might not seem like the solution for you – but it can work for you, and can help you find the space you need to do a little thinking, or even to clear your mind. Here are suggestions for using the necessity of spring cleaning to get yourself back on track to wellness.

Clean Your Kitchen, Fix Your Diet

Cleaning meaningful spots is a chance to contemplate not only what that space means to you and your life, but to reconsider the space itself. Cleaning out your entire kitchen will help you reorganize to give yourself easier access to healthy foods, and can give you a new perspective on how you use the kitchen. Do you live in there? Do you just graze? Is it on the way to a different part of the house? Even simply thinking about your relationship to the kitchen is a chance to make that relationship a healthier one.

Zone Out with Podcasts

If you find the right one or ones, podcasts can be a way to help the time pass while doing all sorts of errands. There are even wellness and educational podcasts in case you want to try and take in something other than a fun conversation or story. Get yourself the right pair of headphones and live in these little worlds while you clean, and you’ll feel the time zip right by.

Spring Cleaning Your Singular Space

If you’ve got that one room that’s all for you – or even that one part of a room that’s all yours – you know how important it is to keep it clean in order for it to function. Spring is a good time to figure out what that space’s current condition says about how you work. You might need a little clutter, but maybe you can find a new way to organize it.

Clean Your Fortress of Solitude

Sleep is hugely important to wellness and general health. Cleaning your bedroom is a great way to make sure you’re comfortable in there when you sleep. If you can, find a new space for your phone so you aren’t using it at night. Move the TV out – whatever it takes to give yourself a better night’s sleep.

Find Some Outdoor Chores

We all need vitamin D, and getting some fresh air never hurts. Getting outdoor clean up done in the spring is a great way to increase mental wellness through decluttering and keeping your body stocked with what it needs to keep you healthy.

Spring cleaning is absolutely a workout! Make sure to stay hydrated as you clean so that you don’t find yourself tiring early or cramping up. Also be sure to take breaks here and there to give the muscles a rest or to grab an energizing snack.0

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