Six Health and Wellness Gifts

Staying healthy is its own lifestyle. For many of us, it takes over, and we become “exercise people,” or “that meditation guy” or “that healthy-eating lady.” For folks like that – or people who are just trying to live a healthier life – there’s no better way to show a little bit of support than by buying them a health or wellness gift that fits in to the part of taking care of themselves that they love. Whether it’s healthy eating, exercise or camping, here are a few gifts for the health nut – or future health nut – in your life.

Personal Water Filter from LifeStraw

Healthy drinking water is especially scarce if you’re camping and don’t have your bottle with you. The LifeStraw filter is designed to be placed into the water you intend to drink, taking out 99.99% of bacteria and parasites, for up to 1,000 gallons of drinkable water. On top of that, LifeStraw donates safe drinking water to children in need with each purchase.

Air Fryer

There are all kinds of brands out there marketing this fad cooker, which uses less oil and fat to make crispy, delicious food. While it isn’t intended for use as a strictly “healthy food” machine, it is intended to make what you have just a little bit healthier.

Vitamix ONE

This is another fad blender, but it can whip up just about anything. It doesn’t have too many settings, so don’t get this if you’re looking to make something other than super-whipped foods, but it’s perfect for making healthy smoothies and dips.

Ankle Weights

They are a subtle piece of cardio equipment that can be increased over time. More resistance is intended to build stronger muscles. Just find a set that are comfortable to wear as well, because with the pain of exercise, you don’t also want chafing and unnecessary rubbing.

Running Pouch Belt by Sport2People

Think of it as a combination fanny pack and money belt. It holds a little bit of everything for the pocketless runner, from your phone to your wallet, or even a small snack in case you need to recharge in the middle of a run.

Electric Foam Roller from Fitindex

Anyone can buy a cheap foam roller and it will work fine for you, post-exercise, but if you want a roller that has four vibration settings to reduce the soreness of your muscles for a relaxing cool down period, check out the Fitindex model, which retails for about $50 online.

Wrapping Up

Getting someone a good health and wellness gift is all about not being overwhelming. You don’t want to scare someone away from their progress, so keep an eye on what they need. It doesn’t have to be a present that says “here’s the next step in your journey,” but should rather be something that says “here’s something to help you on this step,” and once they move on to the next step, you can get them something that supports them there, too.

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