Self-Care is Healthcare: 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Good Today

A hot topic now is the importance of self-care. Although there is a lot of emphasis on healing modalities such as massage, acupuncture, and the like, they aren’t necessary. Self-care is anything you do for yourself that makes you feel good. It can be as simple as taking a brisk walk each morning with a friend or enjoying your coffee or tea outdoors as the sun rises.

There is no limit to how grand of gesture you can do for yourself as an act of self-care. In fact, you are the judge as to whether it’s worth your time and money to show yourself some love. Self-care is deeply personal which is why it’s effective.

Here is how you can treat yourself good today:

1. Catch up on the rest you missed.

Sleep is restorative. It is vital to human survival. When you’re sleep-deprived, you don’t function optimally. You’re not being the best version of yourself when you haven’t gotten enough sleep. When you have the chance, rest. Even if it’s just a quick 15-minute nap, it’s often enough to recharge your batteries and give you the boost of energy needed to finish out the day strong.

2. Truly savor the moment.

Take time to smell the roses. It may sound cliché but it’s invigorating, inspiring, and imperative to do. Being aware of what is going on around you at all times is one of the greatest acts of self-care there is. Rather than rush through your day doing actions on autopilot, you’re aware of how your body is moving and in tune with all your senses. It allows you to appreciate where you are and what is going on around you.

3. Get outdoors often.

Nature is a healer. It clears your mind and invokes a deep appreciation inside of you. The sun also helps your body physically by producing Vitamin D which is necessary for strong bones, a healthy brain, and hormone regulation among other things. Spending time outdoors without sunblock on for just a few minutes a day can help you get enough of the vitamin to help your body.

4. Do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Be risky. Do something you’ve wanted to do but never had the time or financial resources to partake in. Go on a cruise, try online dating, engage in a conversation with a stranger or take ballroom dancing lessons. Push past your edges. When you think outside the box and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, magic happens.

5. Take time to appreciate all that you have.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude makes things much sweeter. You’ll see how much you have to be thankful for. People will notice how gracious you are and provide you with opportunities that you weren’t given before. You’ll feel a sense of inner peace and fulfillment because you know what you have is wonderful.

Self-care is healthcare. It nourishes your body, mind, and soul. If you haven’t had a chance to do something good for yourself lately, now is the time to start new habits. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessary part of taking good care of yourself.

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