Non-Food Related Rewards That You Can Enjoy During Your Fitness Journey

Intrinsic rewards boost self-confidence and get you to work hard toward your goals. Think about how they work in a professional setting. If your boss were to give you a goal and tell you that you’d earned a raise, promotion or prize for achieving what was asked of you, what lengths would you go to in order to meet and exceed their expectations?

The same kind of logic can be applied to your personal life and the goals you set for yourself. If you want your new health habits to stick, why not give yourself an additional incentive for getting fit? Besides feeling better about your appearance and fighting disease, you also have a prize to look forward to that you personally selected for yourself.

Here are some of the non-food related rewards you can enjoy during your fitness journey:

A Long Massage.

Nothing feels better to tired muscles than firm pressure applied by a professional masseuse. If you want to alleviate stress, cramping, and tightness in your muscles, schedule a massage right away. It will make you feel like a million bucks and keep you on top of your fitness game by helping you recover faster.

A Weekend Retreat.

Sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A weekend retreat makes the perfect incentive for working out and surpassing your fitness goals. It gives you something luxurious and relaxing to look forward to. Best of all, your travels needn’t take you far from home. Visiting a neighboring city is a wonderful way to relax and recharge your batteries.

A New Pair of Running Shoes.

If you work out regularly, you’re going to wear through shoes quickly. A new pair of sneakers makes a world of difference. Not only do they look great, they also protect your feet by giving you proper support. You won’t risk injuring yourself because you were mindful enough to buy a new pair of running shoes as a prize for smashing that latest fitness goal.

A Book You’ve Been Wanting to Read.

Stop by the bookstore and spend some time looking at the shelves of titles housed there. Then choose a book that catches your eye or one that you’ve had your sights on buying for a long time. Take the entire day to read. It’s something that most people don’t have the time to do often so it feels really indulgent.

A New Water Bottle.

Among one of the most important tools a fitness fanatic has is a great refillable bottle. Select one that catches your eye and use it to remind yourself to hydrate before, during, and after your workout. A good water bottle is leak-proof, easy-to-carry, and sufficient in meeting your personal hydration needs.

Rewards are great motivators. They keep you on track where your fitness goals are concerned. They also give you something to look forward to and allow you to take care of your needs on a physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social level. If you want to promote better health and well-being in your own life, come up with a list of rewards you can indulge in whenever you’ve met one of your hardest goals or surpassed it entirely.

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