Natural Immune Boosters

Natural Immune Boosters

 As we all know, the joys of winter are many: cuddling by a fire, finding the perfect gifts and celebrating with friends and family you may not often see. But, just as the holidays come rolling in, so does another season...the flu is officially around this year. And that brings up the part of winter no one likes: running noses, stuffy heads and feverish chills.


In order to focus on the positive this year, why not create an immune-boosting regimen for you and your loved ones. The best way to absorb essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants is always to consume them from natural sources. A lot of the ingredients we are discussing today would be perfect steeped in a tea or infused into your daily water.


Here is a list of powerful, natural immune boosters to try this year:


Tumeric has experienced a huge bump in popularity in the past couple years, and with good reason. We have all heard about its ability to ease joint pain and prevent inflammation. Beyond that, it is known to combat and improve symptoms from wide ranging diseases, including heart disease, some cancers, metabolic syndromes and Alzheimer’s disease.


But did you know it also has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties? That sounds pretty good for fighting off those winter microbes.


Try Turmeric, hot or cold, with any kind of spicy flavors. A chai tea, an herbed lemonade...there are countless recipes out there. And it can be very fun to try your own too.


Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a cure all. From digestive issues to anxiety, the root, both soothing and fiery, has long been regarded as a powerful ingredient by anyone interested in natural remedies. These days, however, it’s efficacy is starting to be understood by doctors. Apparently, ginger fights Streptococcus mutans, Candida albicans, and Enterococcus faecalis; which are all Latin names for the most common bugs to infect people orally. Thai includes the well-known disease known as strep throat.


Ginger is amazing with a wide variety of fruits in cold or hot preparations. It can stand up to other herbs and strong flavors, or be delicious on its own.


Long understood as a strong remedy for digestive upset, peppermint tea is also viewed as effective in reducing anxiety. It is also delicious and often associated with winter holidays. But, it packs a lot more benefits than previously known. Peppermint has been proven to have antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant and antitumor properties! Thai makes it an essential ingredient for your regimen.


Try peppermint with honey or lemon, in a cold or hot preparation. It is also delicious with black or green tea and other spices.

The best part is how delicious these mixtures can be, and how creative you can get in making them. Most likely the powerful improvement you feel in your health, and in your mind and body, will be enough to convince you to make immune-boosting a year round habit. Besides just fighting off disease, boosting your immune system helps you feel like the best version of yourself. And that is something we can all get behind.

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