Mindful Gift List

Mindful Gift List

We are all looking forward to seeing our families for the holidays. For a lot of us, it will be the first big get-together of the winter. And while we all tried our hardest to get gifts delivered last year, there is nothing like the feeling of handing a special person the perfect gift.


If being mindful and improving your life is important to you, why not present your friends and families with some items that can spark some self-awareness and self-care. It’s a way to cut through the commerciality of the holidays and focus on what is important.


  • Meditation Services

There are now many guided meditation services available as apps for most phones. For anyone interested in meditation, but lacking the time or knowledge on how to begin, these services can be the welcome introduction that is needed. There are a variety of meditation styles and app formats. Look for some that focus on technique (such as visualization, chanting or reflecting) and institute a pattern. Some are designed for custom use and some suggest daily or twice-daily sessions.

Giving someone the gift of peace and the power to control their own thoughts is a present that will last the whole year, and maybe longer.


  • White Noise Machine

The white noise machine has come a long way from the bulky, plug-in styles of yesteryear. White noise machines now feature charging for wireless use, LED-light displays and a variety of sounds. Everything from rain to whale songs to forest noises can be featured. They are also offered as combination alarm clocks with special features. Some of the alarms will gently begin your waking process with a slight increase of sound and light, in order to get you up for the morning in a natural way.

This may be a gift your friend or family member needs, even if they have never heard of it. The gift of restful sleep and a good morning is something that will not be forgotten.


These are great gifts for the health conscious people on your list with an active lifestyle. A lot of people have heard of the benefits of starting the day with lemon infused water, however most people interested in such a recipe are probably those too busy to sit and enjoy it. This is where this great travel infuser comes in.

For a morning on the go or a post-workout refresher, this bottle will provide hydration and delicious refreshment for anyone.

You can even include some of your favorite combination recipes, such as watermelon and mint or basil and lime. You could also include some herbs and fruit to get them started, depending on how your gift will be presented.



You still have time to grab some great items, just make sure you take advantage. With the supply chain disruptions predicted, last minute shopping does not sound like the way to go. The most important thing is to imagine your gift recipient and their lifestyle. Think about what kinds of presents will stand out to them, and inspire them to be and do better.


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