It’s Time for New Month’s Resolutions

It’s hard to make New Year’s resolutions stick, and when they don’t, the easiest thing to do is just assume it’s a failing of our own, rather than the pressure we put on ourselves in the first place not to fail. Rather than admit defeat, though, it might be time to start rethinking New Year’s resolutions altogether, and start making New Month’s Resolutions to give ourselves a chance to reassess our priorities and what we have on our plate. Here are some New Month’s resolutions you can reboot twelve times a year if you need to, based on some of the most common New Year’s resolution categories.

Physical Health

Number one is physical health and weight loss. While weight loss is controversial – it doesn’t necessarily reflect your current health at all – physical health isn’t. The more exercise you’re capable of doing and the more you’re able to monitor your progress, the better. Being in good shape means you can function, and its’s even better if you can feel good doing it. If you aren’t up to your steps by the end of January, give yourself a graduated number to do over several months.

Healthier Diet

Along with eating square meals, hydrating, getting enough protein and the right balance of fruits and veggies, we have a tendency to fall back into bad eating habits. It’s even harder if you just got done with holiday eating, so give yourself a break. You can slowly build up to that ideal diet, especially as you find out what your body responds best to.

Personal Growth

This is a wide-ranging topic, but personal growth can mean everything from mental wellness to learning new things, to going new places – anything that lets you take in more of the world around you. The easiest way to stay on top of this each month is to give yourself one new thing to learn about and appreciate each month. Walk by an historical building every day? Read up on it. Have a coworker from a country you’ve never been to? Talk to them about it.

Mental Health and Sleep

Getting therapy is important even if you don’t think you need it, and the same with sleep. We all need sleep, and we all need an outlet. You can work up to these goals, too, of course – the key is always to give yourself a break if you don’t hit your stride as quick as you like. Add a few minutes of sleep every few weeks, and take some time to find the right therapist, if that’s best for you.

Habits – The Good, the Bad and the Other

Since going cold turkey on so many habits is difficult, taking it slow is okay – just make sure you stay on top of it. One less cigarette, one less drink, one less piece of junk food. If you give yourself a new goal each month, you’ll find it easier to knock these things out, and find them easier to replace with healthier habits.

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