Hydration Tips for Spring

Hydration Tips for Spring

As the cold and damp weather slowly leaves us, now is as good a time as any to remind you about how to stay hydrated, especially if the winter months found you dried out, despite all the dampness. Since the lack of heat in the winter tends to make us hydrate less, we end up under-hydrating, so now’s the time to take that lesson with you. Even if you’re not in the middle of warm spring weather, you still need to get your eight or so glasses every day. Here are some tips for making sure you stay hydrated as the good weather approaches.

Hydrate Before Your Workout

A workout can be just about anything, from multiple laps in a pool to a good, brisk walk. Any level of exercise requires you to be prepared, and while you might have a pre-exercise snack or other ritual, always be sure to include hydrating in there. You need to start off with enough water in order to have the energy and stamina to make your workout worth it.

Hydrate During Your Workout

Keeping the hydration going during a workout is also hugely important. You don’t want to catch yourself cramping or losing energy mid-run or lift. While going back to the water bottle frequently might seem like a pain, a good water infusion can make the difference between tolerating water and enjoying it. Simply put in some flavors you love and you won’t notice the necessity of it.

Hydrate After Your Workout

Just like a proper, gradual cooldown, you need to make sure that everything you’ve just sweated out and used up gets replenished, and you need to stay on track for the rest of the day, as well. If you need to mix things up, come up with an infusion for before, during and after exercise, to help you recognize the accomplishment of a successful workout. Hydration is going to help you digest, as well, so staying on top of your gut health will make the workout even more worth it.


Getting yourself an infuser bottle is just step one, of course – you’ll do yourself a favor if you infuse your water with some foods that naturally contain electrolytes, like watermelon or other fruits. This helps you remain hydrated while also keeping your nerves and muscles functioning properly, giving you the workout you need.

Drink When You Need – Don’t Depend on Thirst

Our bodies don’t tend to lie to us, but they are built to survive. This means that your body won’t always tell you to feel thirsty, in case you’re too far from water to get what you need. What you don’t want is thirst creeping up on you, and having to play catch up. You can drink too fast and overhydrate, which is why you should drink water regularly – on a schedule if you have to – so that your body stays consistently hydrated. This also makes the rest of your bodily functions a little more reliable.

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