How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Try New Activities This Summer

How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Try New Activities This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to try new things. After being cooped up indoors during the global pandemic, the bright shining sun is a welcome sight. You may not have been able to spend much time outside because of state mandates or fear of the virus that has yet to have a vaccine developed to prevent it.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time for you to try new things. After all, you only have one life to live! It doesn’t mean that you throw caution to the wind and go to outings with large crowds. It means that you consider the types of activities that you can do that are low-risk but also things you weren’t willing to try before.

You’re Far Braver Than You Thought You Were

You may not want to bet it all in a casino or attend your very first indoor concert with thousands of other people right now. You can, however, check off some of the pie-in-the-sky ideas that you’ve been dreaming of that have little risk when it comes to the coronavirus and a ton of reward in the way they make you feel when you achieve them.

Here are some ways to step out of your comfort zone and to try new activities this summer:

  • Enlist the help of your family and friends. There is safety in numbers. If you can’t get together physically to do activities as a group, try doing things together online. You can sign up for the same classes, watch the same movies, and even listen to the same playlists together. With video conferencing options through Facebook, Skype, and Zoom, you’re never without moral support.
  • Try one small step in the direction of your goal. Perhaps one of your goals is to one day run a marathon. For now, break down your daily workout regimen to reflect that of a skilled runner. Make sure that you run in places with little to no traffic, with plenty of open space to social distance.
  • Document your progress by sharing it with an online audience. Start a blog or vlog. Take a picture of your efforts. Have your audience hold you accountable.
  • Make the fun activity one that you do very first thing in the morning. Allow your adventure to get you to leap out of bed. Try to prioritize it as often as possible. If you can make it part of your routine, you’ll feel less apprehensive doing it for the very first time.

Part of the growth experience is doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. It’s allowing yourself space to explore new ideas and activities. It’s also about letting go of judgment and focusing on the things that matter most to you.

It’s Now or Never to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

You may not have engaged in a new activity because you didn’t have the time, the resources, or the understanding of how it worked. Now that you have overcome your setbacks, you can focus on learning and enjoying the activities without inhibition. You pack up your day pack and refillable water bottle before leaving on your next big adventure.

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