How to Stay Physically Active Inside Your Home

How to Stay Physically Active Inside Your Home

If you can’t get outdoors like you hoped you would this spring, there are ways to keep yourself fit by exercising indoors. From keeping up with housework to burning calories while dancing with your children or pets, you have options. This short guide helps acquaint you with the many forms of exercise that exist that can be done inside your home and with minimal gym equipment.

Some of the ways to be physically active around the house are listed below for you to consider. They range in intensity and can help you burn excess calories, strengthen, and tone muscles, and keep yourself mentally fit, too. Exploring one or two new suggestions a week can help make your time spent at home feel productive and meaningful.

Put That Duster to Good Use

As if you needed an excuse to dust your mantle and shelves. It’s a housekeeping task that tends to be rigorous. Still, it can help you burn calories if done long or often enough. An hour of dusting can burn 100 calories and help you tackle a task that you don’t look forward to doing.

Crank Up the Tunes and Dance

There is a reason why you created all of those upbeat playlists. Turn one on and dance away your worries. It’s the type of physical activity that loosens you up and helps you destress. Depending on your weight, the length of time spent dancing, and the type of dance that you do, you can burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories per hour.

Run Around and Play with Your Pets

Your furry friends are happy that you’re home. They get to spend more quality time with you and enjoy running, climbing, and playing. You don’t need to take them to the dog park or on twenty walks around the neighborhood for them to get a good amount of exercise. You can also burn calories around the home by engaging in regular play sessions with your dog or cat.

Take a Fitness Class Online or Through an App

You may be used to going to the gym or yoga class. Since you’re not able to do those activities currently, you need to look for the next best thing. An online fitness class or one was taken through an app can be just as beneficial. You can choose the level of intensity that you want to try by finding a workout categorized as beginner, immediate, or expert.

Keep Moving Your Body as Often as You Can While Staying at Home

Going forward, harsh weather conditions, global pandemics, and lack of childcare won’t keep you from burning calories and breaking a sweat. You now have dozens of ways to be physically active inside the home. Even if you don’t have access to a home gym, you won’t have any problems maintaining a healthy weight and dealing with stress positively and productively. More importantly, many activities can be adapted to involve your family so that they continue to get the exercise they need, too.

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