How to Stay Hydrated this Winter

How to Stay Hydrated this Winter

How to stay hydrated during summer and spring is already a well-known topic, since almost everyone you bump into has a bottle of ice-cold water at hand. But when the chilly season comes, the thought of taking cold water might scare you. After all, you're not sweating, so why bother? Well, you have every reason to fret because your body still needs water to flush out toxins as well as facilitate various body processes.

Additionally, with your AC cranked to the max, the air is dry, which results in dehydration. Therefore, although you may not feel thirsty during this magical season, you must take as much water as you did in summer. We know that it's hard, which is why we outlined tips to give you all the answers you'll need.  

How to stay hydrated during winter and have fun!

With the chilly season upon us, downing three cups of steaming, hot coffee seems like a more sensible idea than taking even a single a glass of water during winter. But with the tips below, it'll be much easier for you to stay hydrated.

  1. Always Have a Bottle of Water at Arms- Length 

It's normal not to feel thirsty when it's snowing outside, and the temperature is below average. Hence, you're less likely to find yourself at the water dispenser because out of sight, means out of mind. That said, the only way to remind yourself you need to take water is if it's at arm's length. So invest in a quality insulated water bottle and carry warm water with you wherever you go, including at home. This way, it'll remind you that you need to take water, and at the same time, you'll remain environmentally sustainable as it's a reusable bottle. Also, download an app to remind you as well as to track how much water you've taken in a day.

  1. Flavor Your Water

The plain taste of water is the reason why most people would rather down three cups of coffee simultaneously than take a glass of water. Fortunately, adding fruits and veggies to your water will not only make it tastier but also increase your nutritional intake with each sip. In that breath, add a little excitement and health to your infusion pitcher by adding fruits such as strawberries, lemon and grapefruit, veggie slices such as cucumber, or a handful of mint. The longer you let it steep, the tastier every sip will be. So add your fruits a night before, refrigerate, or let it sit all night and carry it to work. As a result, you'll find yourself more excited to take it, and with every sip, you’ll enhance your nutritional intake.

  1. Eat Water Rich Food 

Another way to make sure you attain the required target is to eat healthy water-rich foods. For instance, eat fruits with high water content such as watermelons and grapefruits, or veggies such as zucchini. Then complement this with a few glasses of water every day through the winter, and your skin, as well as the immune system, will thank you!

  1. How to Stay Hydrated? Stick to the One-to-One Rule 

The early months of winter, such as December, correspond with the biggest holidays of the year. That means you'll find yourself in parties and making merry often than you had planned. To answer the question on how to stay hdydrated in these kind of situations, ensure you keep your body from becoming dehydrated, take one glass of water for every cocktail you drink. If you’re more of a whiskey person, ensure you add some water to it as well. The next day you’ll wake up hangover free and hydrated.

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