How to Slow Down the Speed of Life So You Can Enjoy Things More

The breakneck speed at which people live their lives is dizzying. It’s too much to comprehend, considering there is only so much you can do in 24 hours. People come up with productivity hacks in an attempt to do more in less time. It’s the only way they can continue plugging away at their to-do lists successfully.

If you’re guilty of being addicted to productivity, you should know how exhausting it becomes never to have downtime. You’re on autopilot full-time, and your nervous system pays the consequences. What if we told you there was a better way to deal with things such as household chores and work obligations? Would you be willing to give it a try?

What You Can Do Today to Enjoy a Slower, More Meaningful Life

If you want to live a slower, more mindful existence, start now. Being conscientious about the activities you say “Yes,” to makes a big difference. Building in plenty of rest time into your schedule gives you more freedom and prioritizes self-care as well as mental health.

The following suggestions help you slow down the speed of life so you can enjoy things more.

Do things out of desire, not obligation.

When you say “Yes,” to activities you really want to say “No,” to, you do them begrudgingly. Rather than put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, politely decline to do things you don’t feel passionate about. After all, you only have one life to live!

Take the scenic route wherever you go.

So many people are on autopilot 100 percent of the time. Rather than drive or walk by your surroundings without taking notice of them because you’re in a rush, saunter with intention. Take the scenic route and note all the new things that you see. Going off the beaten path can change your life for the better.

Make your meals from scratch.

Prepare food with intention. Have your family pitch in and help you. Find new recipes you want to try and then source the ingredients from the local farmer’s market or supermarket. Enjoy a long conversation over your meal with your spouse and children.

Disconnect from the digital world a few times a month.

Take time to get away from your phone, computer, and other electronic devices. Doing a digital detox can be very beneficial. It helps you reconnect to nature, your family, and friends. You’re fully engaged in what you’re doing instead of checking your email or social media alerts dozens of times. You can go on a long walk or bike ride with nothing more than your refillable water bottle in hand.

Breathe Easy Knowing That a Slow-Paced Lifestyle is Possible in a Hectic World

Slowing down the speed of life takes practice. After all, you received recognition for being hyper-productive in the past. Now, however, you know the consequences that come with keeping an overflowing schedule. Feeling rushed and stressed all the time takes its toll on your health. Adopting a slower pace and fewer obligations can help you enjoy the time that you spend on the planet more.

An Active Lifestyle Doesn’t Need to Be Fast-Paced

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you need to push yourself to the limit. It does mean that you’re deliberate in your choices and put good health and overall well-being first in your life. Hydracy is here to help you meet your goals and appreciate a slower pace in doing so. You can quickly fill up your reusable water bottle with H2O and take a long walk as a way to fulfill the daily exercise requirements you set for yourself.

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