How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

So, you want to accomplish the most you can in this lifetime. You’ve got goals and dreams that surpass anything you’ve experienced yet. How do you achieve more in less time? Is it possible to have everything you want without sacrificing every minute that you have?

The answer is “Yes,” and we’ve got a few ideas in mind that will help you plug away at your goals without losing sight of your dreams. No idea is too grand when you’ve got a rock-solid plan in place. After all, Napoleon Hill said it best when he remarked, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Here is how to set goals you’ll actually achieve:

Be SMART about goal-setting.

Make goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. SMART goals are not broad. They pinpoint the exact thing you’re hoping to accomplish and give you a date to complete all necessary tasks. These type of goals serve as blueprints for the course of action you’ll need to take daily until you’ve achieved your goal. Once you’ve gotten some practice setting SMART goals, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start implementing them sooner. You’ll be able to achieve so much more in less time because of your ability to specifically pinpoint what you want and come up with a course of action that helps you get it.

Know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When your intention is clear, your goals make sense. You’re better able to stick to your plan because you know what the end result will be. You see your goal in sight. You know why you’re doing what you’re doing. That way, you’re not lax in the goal-getting You pursue your dreams with gusto because you know how much they mean to you. You’re not willing to accept anything less than the best from yourself.

Give yourself incentives along the way.

Reward smaller tasks. That way, you feel completely compelled to follow through with your bigger goals. You’ll have made progress, acknowledged it, and given yourself a virtual high five. Choose small rewards that don’t cost much but are greatly appreciated and enjoyed. That way, you’re winning over and over again.

Make your goal fun.

Do everything you can to make things exciting. If your goal is to lose weight and get into shape, recruit some of your most positive friends and relatives to join you in the process. Exercise in ways that make you feel good physically and emotionally. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, do your exercising at a park or on a biking or hiking trail. Listen to music. Try new types of exercises by attending free classes and meet-ups. The point is to take your goal and infuse some fun into it.

Set goals that are easy to achieve. Now that you know the steps necessary to make your dreams come true, you can easily do everything you set out to do. By measuring your progress and holding yourself accountable for the things that you want to accomplish, you evolve as a person. You become an even better, wiser, and more disciplined version of yourself.

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