How to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet

How to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet

Life can be really wonderful. It’s often a matter of perspective more than circumstance. You can get over challenging situations by reframing your thoughts on them. You also have the ability to make every day extra special by living in the moment and continuing to focus on the goals you want to achieve.

By getting clear about what your best year looks like, you’re able to design your days around your core desired feeling. You’re able to accomplish more because you have a sense of direction guiding your actions. Gone are the days of mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds for hours because you’ve got things to do that you look forward to doing!

Here are some suggestions on ways to make this year your best one yet:

1. Get really clear about what you want to do differently.

What sets this moment apart from others in the past? What have you learned that helps you achieve your current goals faster? What is your core desired feeling?

2. Create a plan that gets you thinking about your goals daily.

List each step it takes to get from Point A to Point B. Start scheduling tasks accordingly so you’re able to meet your goals with efficiency. This blueprint gets you closer to finally achieving your dreams.

3. Ask for support and surround yourself with uplifting, motivated people.

They’ll be by your side when you need them most. They’ll also inspire you with their own actions and chosen lifestyle. You’ll be able to keep each other’s spirits high throughout the year.

4. Step outside your comfort zone and do something you weren’t sure you could.

Build confidence in your abilities. With every new thing you accomplish, you’re becoming a stronger, more capable version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to push those edges to see what you’re made of.

5. Learn one new skill that benefits you personally or professionally.

You’ll be one step ahead of most of the population because of your desire to continue learning. You’ll have a wide range of skills and talents to offer others. It will lead you in directions you never dreamed you go in before.

6. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

If you keep putting it off until you’re less busy, you’ll never see the world. Choose one place to go this year and make it a priority. Plan your trip, buy your ticket, and save your money NOW.

7. Document your progress.

Blog, vlog, take photos, create a scrapbook or journal. The choice is up to you. You can even go as far to create art pieces depicting your life or film a mini-documentary showcasing the highlights of the year.

8. Reward yourself for a job well done.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Buy the thing you desire most. Bask in the glory of being awesome!

Take advantage of all the excitement and passion life has to offer. Thanks to your adventurous spirit, you can easily make this year one of the best you’ve ever experienced. The list above serves as a suggestion for ways to step outside your comfort zone and get busy living your life fully, madly, and deeply. Feel free to add your own ideas of fun activities to engage in because only you know what makes you happy and feel alive.

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