How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Reaching Toward Your Goals

There is a distinct difference in setting goals and reaching them. That’s where motivation comes in. When you set up a system that allows you to work diligently toward your dreams, you’re able to accomplish more in less time. You take loftier goals and break them down into bite-sized tasks that allow you to be more successful in your pursuits.

Here is how to keep yourself motivated and reaching your goals:

1. Don’t lose sight of the overall prize.

If you want to be more physically active, setting the stage for making that happen is ideal. Purchase a refillable water bottle that you can carry with you. Find a pair of running shoes that comfortably support and protect your feet. Set aside a certain hour of the day for your desired physical activity and commit to it. It may seem almost impossible to cram one more thing to do in your already busy day, but it’s not. An investment in yourself is among the best ways to spend your time, energy, and money.

2. Recruit an accountability buddy to help you along the way.

Having a close friend or family member become your own personal cheerleader is ideal. It allows you to have someone who checks in on you and makes sure that you’re making progress toward your goals. When times get tough, your buddy will set things straight for you and remind you of your purpose. You’ll be able to stay on track easier knowing someone is holding you accountable for your actions as you try to reach your goals.

3. Create a dream board that focuses on the things you want in your life.

A vision board or dream board serves as a visual reminder of the things that you want out of life. It can be created from scratch using images you cut out of magazines and glue onto poster board or through images, you find online and collect on Pinterest. Words and phrases count, too, so think of what you’d like to bring into your life. Then include them on your vision board or dream board to remind you to keep on keeping on.

4. Recite a mantra or affirmations that boost your spirits.

There is power in words. Give yourself an instant pep talk by finding a few words and phrases that resonate with you and your goals. Write or print them on cardstock to carry with you wherever you go. Recite the statements by making them positive and relevant at the moment. Doing so will boost your mood quickly and give you the strength needed to carry on.

Your goals deserve your time and attention. Keeping yourself motivated is the key to greater success in your life. As long as you’re willing to work hard and not give up on your dreams, you’ll be able to do far more than you ever knew you were capable of doing. Life becomes even more beautiful because your level of satisfaction with it increases tremendously.

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