How to Keep Yourself Mentally Sharp as You Age

As important as it is to stay physically fit, it’s also just as important to be mentally fit, too. Your brain needs a good workout just as much as your body does. If you want to stay as sharp as a tack as you age, there are things that you can do to make it happen. The following suggestions are natural brain boosters that help you remain alert and agile.

Here are four ways to keep yourself mentally sharp as you age:

1. Up your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Enjoy a diet rich in fatty fishes such as salmon and mackerel, hemp and chia seeds, and walnuts. Include these ingredients in the meals that you prepare for an extra boost in brain power. The fatty acids in the foods help slow down mental decline. If you can’t get enough Omega-3s into your diet naturally, there are supplements that you can take that will help you in your pursuit.

2. Challenge your routine by doing things differently.

Get creatively inspired by switching up your routine. Eat dinner for breakfast and vice versa. Try writing with your non-dominant hand. Take a different route to work. Flip a coin and turn left when you normally go right. Make it a point to try doing things differently each and every day. You won’t get stuck in a rut and will find solutions come easily to you because of how you’ve stretched yourself mentally.

3. Take a course in-person or online.

Learn something you’ve never had a chance to do until now. It could be woodworking, knitting or even taking a foreign language course. Sign up for the coding class at your local college or use a website such as Skillshare to learn more about Instagram and how to make your feed more brand-friendly. There is a ton of knowledge to be gained if you’re willing to take the time to learn it.

4. Strike up a conversation with someone you wouldn’t ordinarily speak to.

Like attracts like. Too often, we find it easier to speak to people we have something in common with. Rather than step right into your comfort zone, be extraordinary and talk to someone you wouldn’t ordinarily have the courage to speak to. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the world expands because of your decision to include strangers into the conversation.

There are many ways to jog your memory and keep your brain working hard throughout the day. Challenge yourself to try something different so that you’re continually learning new and improved ways of doing whatever it is that you’ve set out to do. You’ll expand your mind and grow as a person that way.

Make Lifetime Learning Your Goal

Be a lifetime learner. That way, you remain mentally sharp as you age. By giving your brain a good workout, you’re able to fight memory issues by constantly challenging yourself. Your brain will stay as young as your body as long as you keep giving it new and exciting challenges to work through.

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