How to Keep Your Creative Well Full of Ideas This Summer

How to Keep Your Creative Well Full of Ideas This Summer

There is no telling where your muse will strike. It can happen when you least expect it. If you haven’t had the opportunity to connect to your creative side as much as you’d like to, there are some things you can do to fill your well with ideas, adventures, and experiences. That way, you’re never without inspiration in your life.

The following list keeps your creative well full of ideas this summer:

Go on mini adventures.

Use this time to explore the area even if you know it well. Be curious and give your trip a theme. Perhaps it is to take pictures of cracks throughout the city. Maybe it’s to sample a dessert at every location in a certain neighborhood. Whatever your adventure entails, do it mindfully. Engage all of your senses and jot down a few words about the experience to jog your memory. You may want to use the inspiration you’ve come across in the future, so documentation is key!

Experiment with brain-powering cooking ingredients.

Some of the best foods for helping you focus and maintain memory include avocados, beets, blueberries, broccoli, celery, coconut oil, dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, and virgin olive oil. You can pick up many of these items at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. Experiment by preparing them in different ways and allow your creative side to shine. Not only will you benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you receive from the nourishing food you prepare, you also get to be inventive in what you prep, cook, and serve yourself and your family to eat. You’ll be a master chef before you know it, thanks to all the different fresh ingredients you have regular access to.

Hydrate regularly for clearer thinking.

Water helps prevent dehydration which causes confusion and irritability. When you’re hydrated, your brain is able to function optimally. You have an easier time coming up with solutions to the obstacles you face. You’re also able to act on all the creative ideas that you have without inhibition. You’re not lost in thought or unable to communicate the genius project you came up with.

Spend a day saying yes to everything.

If you’re used to saying no, flip the script and say “Yes,” because it has the power to change your point of view and experience. Don’t let fear or other obligations get in the way of you exploring your own creative potential. Give it a try! Even if you can’t reasonably say yes to everything that comes your way, try saying it more often than not. You’ll be surprised at how richer your experiences become because you’ve taken time to try new things.

There are many ways to invite creativity into your life this summer. The list above serves as a starting point that inspires you to take action. Through trial and error, you’ll perfect the activities that you enjoy doing most. You’ll be able to determine which experiences bring you the most value and fills your creative well.

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