How to Build Resiliency in Your Daily Life

How to Build Resiliency in Your Daily Life

Resiliency and strength are synonymous. The strongest people are resilient. They accept what life has in store for them and rise from the ashes time and time again. They’re prepared mentally to dig deep and do whatever it takes to survive. Resilient people see failure as an outcome to overcome.

If you want to be better equipped to handle what life has in store for you, there are some things you can do to build resiliency. The following suggestions help you accept things as they are, do what you can to make them better, and feel good about the outcome. After all, resiliency is often just mind over matter.

Here are some ways to become more resilient:

  • Become a master of your emotional state.

    Allow yourself to feel negative emotions, but don’t dwell on them. Instead, recognize that almost every issue that seems challenging is temporary. Come up with ways to positively deal with whatever it is going on around you. When you feel overwhelmed by emotions, take a breath, drink a bottle of water, and talk it out with someone who can help you come up with proactive solutions that make your situation better.
  • Keep an open mind and make room for growth.

    Failure indicates that there are multiple approaches to doing something. It may not have been the best way to approach a problem at the time which is why the execution wasn’t successful. Learn from every experience that you have. Weigh what has gone wrong against what has gone right. This corrects your behavior, helps you zero in on a new approach, and try it over again. You’re now wiser and better prepared for the victory.
  • Stay on top of things, so you’re always prepared.

    Disorganization is the killer of dreams. It ties up two of your most important resources, time and money. It causes frustration because it blocks the view. When you’ve got physical and mental clutter clouding up the horizon, it’s hard to be optimistic about the future. Clear out the cobwebs and make room for new things. You’ll be better prepared for new opportunities when you don’t have clutter standing in your way.
  • Celebrate the small achievements that you make.

    Nothing feels better than a well-deserved win of any size. If you’re able to achieve something small, give yourself props. Every time you tackle a problem with grace, you’re building resiliency. Do a happy dance. You deserve to let loose and enjoy the moments of complete jubilation.
  • Build relationships with people who can offer support.

    The more you know that someone else has got your back, the more confident you become. You see, people need the support of their family and friends to survive. Build relationships that support and sustain you. Give the same type of love and care to the people who are there cheering you on. You’ll see a remarkable difference in how you approach life’s problems when you know you’re not entirely alone doing so.
Resiliency doesn’t happen overnight. It requires commitment and takes perseverance to achieve. The better prepared you are to deal with whatever challenges life throws at you, the more resilient you become. You know you can handle anything because you have the mental fortitude, good health, support, and resources necessary to help you get through a difficult time.

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