How to Be Physically Active Without Buying a Gym Membership

How to Be Physically Active Without Buying a Gym Membership

If you find yourself making excuses as to why you’re not exercising, it’s not a gym membership that’s going to fix that. You can have a busy schedule, skip paying health club fees, and get into shape physically. It’s not the gym that makes you healthy, it’s your willingness to exercise despite the time constraints you’re currently facing.

Once you realize that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee and hit the treadmill in the middle of the night at a 24-hour gym, you’ll be able to come up with a plan that helps you be the perfect example of good health. Because your time is limited, you’ll focus on quality activities that increase your fitness and avoid things that could potentially erase all of your progress. Essentially, you’ll come up with an exercise plan that works for you and gets you pumped each day.

Here is how to be physically active without buying a gym membership:

Walk or bike to work if you can.

If it is safe and convenient for you to do so, ditch the car or skip the commute by bus. Instead, rely on the power of your two legs (or two wheels) to get you where you need to go. Commuting to work by walking or biking has distinct health benefits. You can always make adjustments in your schedule to account for the time it takes you to complete your commute. Getting up earlier in the morning is one way to make the alternative forms of transportation fit into your busy routine for the day.

Don’t just Netflix and chill in your downtime.

If you do have time off and need to get things done around the house, get up and get moving. Housework is physical and burns extra calories depending on how strenuous it is. Tasks like dusting, vacuuming, making the bed, and even pulling weeds in the garden have a multitude of benefits. Not only are you getting things done, you’re also getting some much-needed exercise in, too. Best of all, you don’t need to devote extra time in your day for physical activity because you’re constantly getting some by cleaning and tidying up.

Recruit a buddy to get in shape with you.

Your dog is a willing exercise partner. Grab their leash, your water bottle, and a ball. Take a brisk walk to the nearest park and have some fun playing catch. You’ll be amazed at how excited your dog gets when they see you pick up their leash. Choose the same time of day to go to the park. You don’t need to spend hours there to see health benefits. Thirty minutes is a great amount of time to run off excess energy, stay trim, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

You don’t need a gym membership to remain physically active and fit. The tips listed above serve as a starting point for anyone with a busy schedule and a desire to improve themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or hundredth time working out. Once you’ve made it a priority in your life, you’ll find time for it.

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