How to Be a Virtual Gift Giver This Holiday Season

How to Be a Virtual Gift Giver This Holiday Season

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with cold and flu season, has many people staying indoors. If you’re planning on celebrating the holidays with your immediate household, you can still get gifts to the rest of your family and friends relatively quickly. Using the internet and your imagination, you have a wealth of gifts you can give virtually without extra effort.

There are no crowds to navigate, and the risk of becoming ill lessens. Best of all, you can shop 24 hours a day because online retailers never close. Returns are easier, too, because companies are prepared for the possibility of something not fitting, flattering, or serving a person well.

Gift Giving in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way that people shop, celebrate, and give gifts. Rather than take a chance of falling ill, why not buy gifts online and have them shipped directly to the recipient? Wrapping and shipping gifts are fewer things for you to think about this holiday season.

Here is how to give gifts virtually this holiday season:

  • Purchase items that you know people will love and enjoy online. If you have gifts in mind for loved ones, purchase them directly from a company online and have the item shipped to your family or friend’s address. Include optional gift wrapping and a note expressing the sentiment that you want to relay to the person. Online retailers of all sizes exist in masse to handle the demand for goods and services.
  • Give the gift of a gift certificate and allow the recipient to choose their own gift. Some people argue that it’s an impersonal gift. We’d like to believe it’s the opposite. A gift certificate to a favorite retailer or small business can be among the best gifts a person receives. It allows them to buy things that they may not have had a chance to buy for themselves in the past.
  • Buy an experience-related present that fills a person with fond memories. Give a person the opportunity to do something they haven’t had the chance to do this year. An experience-related or charitable gift can be something like a guided bike tour whose itinerary you print out and put in a refillable water bottle. Being creative goes a long way in impressing the people you opt to give gifts to this year.

You can still make the gifts that you give incredibly personal. There are many ways to put your personality into the presents that you buy. Consider the options listed above as inspiration. You’ll likely find an idea or two that gets you excited about the holidays.

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