How Creative People Remain Inspired Each Day

How Creative People Remain Inspired Each Day

Creative people do things differently. They see the world in new and amazing ways daily. They seldom are bored because they’re able to invent creative projects for themselves and draw inspiration from the things that they see and experience as well as the people they meet and interact with.

If you’re looking for ways to up your creativity, never fear! We’ve studied some of the most creative people in the world and want to share their habits with you. That way, you’re able to keep those incredible ideas flowing 24/7.

Here are some of the ways that creative people remain inspired each day:

By carrying a notebook with them wherever they go.

A pocket-sized pad of paper makes a world of difference in recording creative ideas. It allows you to collect them wherever you go. It helps you jog your memory so you don’t lose a single juicy detail. Paper is a versatile medium, too. You can draw, paint, and even collage items onto it. If you’re known to pick up objects while out, carry a glue stick or tape runner to affix what you’ve found into the book. That way, you can flip through it whenever you need a little creative inspiration to keep you going.

By ‘stealing’ ideas from others and allowing them to influence their own ideas.

Bestselling author and creative entrepreneur Austin Kleon encourages people to “steal like an artist”. His book by the same title is packed full of suggestions that help turn other people’s genius ideas into something completely unique to you. By taking inspiration from others, you’re able to allow the things that move you emotionally to take new shape in the world. Keep a “swipe file” which allows you to collect ephemera that you can use in the projects that you create.

By noticing the tiniest details about the world they live in.

Some of the most creative people in the world are constantly documenting their surroundings by recording specific colors, patterns, and textures that they run across in nature and the man-made marvels they encounter regularly. By pulling out a sketchbook or turning on the camera function on their smartphones, they’re able to capture the things that inspire them the most with very little effort. Keri Smith, the author of many interactive journals, encourages readers to destroy, alter, and experiment with her books.

By eavesdropping on conversations being held around them.

There are many creative people who get their best ideas from the things they hear others say. Try it and see how it serves you. Spend one full day eavesdropping on the conversations of strangers. What did you learn? How can it inspire your next exciting project? You’d be surprised what people talk about when out and about. Use it to fuel your own imaginative ideas.

Keep yourself inspired constantly. That way the best ideas come to you easily. You’ll never run out of creative and innovative projects to work on. Instead, you’ll have so many options to choose from because you’re constantly replenishing your well of ideas.

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