Healthy coffee drinks: cold-brew!

Healthy coffee drinks: cold-brew!

You might asked yourself are there healthy coffee drinks? Anyone who doesn’t get a chuckle out of that meme must be really fun at parties. Just kidding! :D Now that meme can hit a little bit close to home especially to those who can’t start their day properly without a cup of coffee. Coffee cups, when taken in moderation, can be considered as a healthy coffee drinks. Coffee drink can keep you awake and ready to take on your daily activities. It’s also loaded with lots of antioxidants to keep you protected from free radicals in the environment. Ultimately, it perks you up and improves your mood. It stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of “feel good hormones” such as dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. Sounds wonderful, yes? Indeed, it does. However, way too much of a good thing can also be bad for you.

How much coffee is a no-no? 

Too much coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness. It could also kill you, but that is if you have drank around 80 cups a day. But that’s ridiculous already. For one, you would be so jittery, you wouldn’t be able to properly pour yourself another cup. If you’re expecting a baby, drinking too much coffee, or any caffeinated products is also a big no-no. The caffeine in your bloodstream could reach your fetus and make him or her caffeine-sensitive. Now, we don’t want to deny our future young professional the beautiful beverage that is coffee, right?
Enough of showing coffee in a bad light. As long as you take it in moderation, pregnant or not, you’d be fine.

In order to be considered a healthy coffee drink, how much coffee should you drink?

The recommended amount of caffeine for healthy adults is about 400mg per day.
That’s roughly around 4 cups of coffee. Hmmm… so what kind of coffee should you try on your next coffee break? There’s something new to try, folks! It’s COLD BREW COFFEE!

Don’t mistake cold brew coffee for the blended Frappuccino you can get from Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. Cold brew or cold press is the process of steeping coffee grounds in cold water or room temperature water over an extended period of time. Traditional hot-brew coffee pales in comparison to cold-brew coffee when it comes to smoothness and sweetness. The latter gives off quite an acidic beverage because of oxidation and degradation of the oils in coffee solubles, which are highly soluble in elevated temperatures. Acids, most particularly chlorogenic acid,  in coffee beans also degrade faster in hot water, and turns into quinic and caffeic acid, which gives coffee its bitter taste. Hence, cold-brew coffee produces sweeter and smoother coffee without the acidic bite. 

Healthy coffee drinks: a simple method

Moreover, this method to brew healthy coffee drinks is fairly simple: grind up your coffee beans, put them inside a mesh filter, plunge the filter inside a pitcher of cold or room temperature water, let it sit in the fridge and wait for at least 12 hours and voila! Sweeter blend and lower acidity coffee right there.
The good thing about cold brew coffee is that due to its lower acidity, you can keep it for about  two weeks in the fridge without it spoiling. 
We suggest to use Arabica coffee beans instead of ordinary Robusta to maximize your cold-brewing experience. These coffee beans pack a lot more flavor with about half as much caffeine than ordinary beans. It offers nutrients and minerals like magnesium, manganese, niacin, and riboflavin. Also, it’s a lot smoother and sweeter than your ordinary cup of joe.

If you have not tried yet I will definitely recommend you give Cold Brew a go as it brings a different experience to a beverages which has been a permanent fixture in the lives of most of us. I guess you will agree : we have to be thankful for those cup of coffee as our mornings just would not be as good without it!

As always, remember to consume in moderation if you want to keep the jitterbugs and noises away! :)

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