Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Teens

“Teenagers” was a concept created in the 1950’s, as rock and roll culture and shifting cultural mores carved a space in that strange time between adolescence and adulthood that was defined by defiance, thrills and some form of scorn for their elders. Since that time we have come to see the age group, embodied by different generations, make waves, change policies and have an autonomy of their own that deserves our collective respect as adults.


That said, they are still notoriously hard to shop for! Chasing the elusive wave of young trends is a pursuit that mostly ends in failure and bewilderment. The best remedy for the problem is to stick with basics, classics and gifts that stand the test of time.

  • Basics

A pack of their preferred sock style or an interesting pair with new design elements can be a thoughtful gift to keep them warm and fresh. Think about loungewear sets or pajama combinations in black, white or classic patterns like plaid or herringbone.

Joggers are popular with teens and young adults, as an indoor or outdoor style.

Slippers are also a great way to provide a comforting gift they can use everyday.

Athletic sneakers are usually a more expensive item, and may be very appreciated in time for winter sports. Just make sure you have the size and brand right.

  • Water Bottles

Health-consciousness is a surprising and encouraging trend with the newer generation. Personalized and stylish water bottles have become an ubiquitous accessory with both sexes, over a wide range of ages. Look for durable, quality bottles with new features like infusing capabilities or time-marker bottles, to help them incorporate drinking water in their lives.

  • Challenging Books or Films

Think of some novels, short story collections and movies that have been meaningful to you in your life. Try to remember some of them that would not already be on a school curriculum. What are the great finds that have changed your perspective, inspired you or stuck with you? The good thing about the vast reaches of the internet is that you can find basically any piece of art, from any age. Find out if the teen prefers an e-reader, virtual copies of novels can be much less expensive, which can allow for multiple purposes.

You can think beyond these parameters too, maybe a classic album, a magazine subscription or even a membership to a museum are all thoughtful ways to inspire a young person in your life.

  • Winter Essentials

Make sure they stay bundled up with scarves, hats and gloves. For a bigger purchase, consider a coat in a durable, insulating material. These gifts require some knowledge of the person. Talk to their parents about the colors or styles they wear. When in doubt, go for neutrals, blacks and greys.


Shopping for teens does not always have to mean gift certificates and cash. You can give some meaningful gifts that could make a lasting impact on a young person. Paying attention to their interests and emerging style is an important part of finding the right thing.

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