Five Yoga Practices for a Mindful Fall

While you’re busy practicing the yoga poses you already know, the fall is a perfect time to visit some full yoga practices that will help you concentrate on your place in the world as the seasons change. Yoga is especially helpful in understanding your own body and mind, and using the changing seasons as a metaphor for our own internal change is a great way to enable focused mindfulness. 

Often, the idea of clearing your mind, finding a safe and relaxed space, and allowing yourself to let go can be difficult if you’re new to yoga, so having an idea to cling to – like summer turning to fall – can really help you focus your energy. Here are five yoga practices to help you be more mindful this fall.

Restorative Yoga

Using only five yoga poses, this restorative yoga practice is designed to allow for rejuvenation through simple concentration and relaxation. Using energy and conserving energy in equal measure is a way to feel your body’s response to whatever you are currently putting it through, and allows a mindful approach to feeling better.

Cozy Yin Yoga

Yoga with Carolynne introduces us to Cozy Yin Yoga in this practice to celebrate the autumn equinox. It is all about comfort and stillness and embracing the change that comes with the seasonal changes which you can find reflected in your own body.

Inner Balance Yoga

Balance is always a part of yoga, and during a seasonal change, there’s little more important. This exercise emphasizes some very active poses, including some twisting poses and some standing poses. It is intended to celebrate the change by looking at the need for balance as an opportunity to balance, instead. It is supposed to both keep your energy moving while also relaxing the mind and body.

Transformative Yoga

As the seasons change, so, too, can you – but first, you must find comfort in the change, embracing it so that the change is restorative and transformative. This practice concentrates on balance and grounding you as the seasons change.

Vinyasa Yoga

The folks at Pure Serenity Yoga are treating the seasonal change as a reminder that we can be mindful while also staying active, in this autumnal yoga practice. This sequence of poses is designed to open you up and to balance the different energies of your body. This is intended to reflect how change from summer to fall is not death, but rather an opportunity for summer and fall energies to balance one another out.


Mindfulness shouldn’t be neglected in your overall wellness regimen, which can also include an emphasis on physical health, hydration, eating well and exercise. Giving yourself the opportunity to be taught by the world around you how to access the world within is one of the great benefits of combining yoga and the changing of the seasons. You don’t need much in the way of equipment, either, usually just comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, and some floor space.

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