Five Wellness Products for Fall

Five Wellness Products for Fall

Concentrating on ourselves during fall can be as simple as allowing ourselves a little me-time, or any other self-care moment, or as complex as big lifestyle changes like a change in diet or location. Depending on how the fall and the seasons changing affects you, you might have all sorts of wellness needs that could use a little assistance. Here are five products that might be able to help you along on your wellness journey.

Bluetooth Scale

While the link between weight and health has not been thoroughly medically established, if you are looking for weight gain for your own personal reasons, this Bluetooth scale might be the thing to keep you in check. People who are able to lose weight easier than others can really benefit from a little extra push, as this tracks your progress and logs everything in your smart phone for you. If you are a member of the WW app it can sync up with that, or you can use any free scale app, as well.

Breathe Shower Steamers

If you’re looking for a little aroma therapy but you don’t have time to soak in a bath bomb, give Breathe Shower Steamers a try. You simply throw a tablet into your shower, and as they dissolve, the essential oils mix with the steam to give you a relaxing smell-scape, designed to make the stress melt away and, with the eucalyptus scent, you might see some relief from your seasonal allergies, as well.

Candela Classica Chamonix

The Candela Classica Chamonix is a rosemary-scented candle for a little home or work aromatherapy designed to help increase your focus. It also has the scent of pine mixed in, so it has the perfect combination for focus and a little nature-based relaxation. Some research indicates that the right scent – specifically rosemary – can improve your accuracy and speed at work-based tasks. Take that with a grain of salt, though, and just enjoy those relaxing smells.

GRID Foam Roller

Sometimes you need a little portable fitness, and the GRID Foam Roller is one way to bring at least part of the gym with you. Foam rollers are great for many different exercise regimens, as well as physical therapy ones. They are intended to help reduce soreness, prevent injury, reduce inflammation and improve your mobility. The GRID Foam Roller is specifically designed with a texture that is meant to help with knots and tight muscles, and is incredibly durable so that prolonged use doesn’t warp it out of shape.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set

The Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set is the perfect thing for helping you maintain your body temperature for a beautiful, restful sleep. No more sweating because you’ve overcompensated for the cold, or digging for blankets in the middle of the night because someone has nabbed them all. The company claims the sheets capture infrared light from the body and wick away moisture, keeping you just warm enough, for a cozy sleep.

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