Five Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious

Five Wellness Gifts for the Health-Conscious

Wellness isn’t all about physical health, but you can find plenty of gifts for your very health-conscious friends – or yourself – that emphasize all-over wellness just as much as they do the physical end of things. Whether you’re looking to help someone mix it up with their exercise routine, or just want to send them something delicious, you can find no end of perfect, thoughtful wellness gifts to give them this season. Here are five wellness gifts anyone is bound to love.

The Daily Harvest Gift Box

If you know someone who is already obsessed with healthy eating, or even if they’re just getting started, Daily Harvest’s gift box subscription includes seemingly endless options of vegetables, smoothies, grain bowls and even ice cream that take almost no prep to enjoy out of the box. You choose any nine items from the Daily Harvest menu and have them sent to your gift recipient so they can sample some new, exciting healthy eating options.

Nonalcoholic Aperitifs from Ghia

Alcohol can be nice for those who choose to imbibe, but it isn’t the healthiest option, and many people simply don’t want it in their lives. From Ghia comes a great, flavorful option made of health extracts, which can be mixed with fizzy water or simply be served cold for something that not only tastes good but doesn’t come with the guilt factor.

Sleepbuds II from Bose

Wellness always includes getting enough sleep and relaxation, and Bose have designed the Sleepbuds II with that in mind. They can connect to the Bose sleep app for a huge selection of relaxing music and sounds, and they’re noise-blocking, to help keep out and relaxation-prevention sounds that might be in the environment,

The Calm App

Finding a good subscription meditation service isn’t easy, but the Calm App has everything you need in one place. You can subscribe for a year, or a lifetime, and it will provide the user with guided meditations, as well as other sounds and music designed to help the user sleep or simply meditate. Why not take the “I don’t have the time or a method to meditate” excuse off the table for someone who needs it?

Power Ring

From Bala, this 10 pound ring is perfect for resistance exercises. It’s small enough to store easily and a great way to either cool down from something more intense, or work your way up to something bigger – or, just stay where you are, because maybe that’s all the resistance training someone needs. Wellness is about knowing your limits, too.


Giving someone a break is all about knowing what they love and, of course, what they need a break from. What is going to make their day a little easier? Is it as simple as their favorite scent, or their favorite food? Or do they just need an escape, a break from it all? Once you know that, you’ll know the perfect gift, or combination of gifts, to help them work on their wellness.

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