Five Wellness Concepts to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Five Wellness Concepts to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Wellness can often be assumed to be something that makes you feel better physically, and while that can often help with how you feel emotionally, finding ways to control your own feelings are more complex than that. Many wellness ideas do involve some basic physical input – get exercise, go for a hike, get outside, and spend time with a group – but these can all be geared toward how you feel about yourself, the world, and how you feel about your own emotions. Here are five wellness ideas that may help emotionally.

Coping with Loss

This might seem specific to a certain group of people, but if we look deep down, we’ve all faced and dealt with loss in some way or another. Such is life, too, that we will all continue to face it. Loss is a part of living, and mourning is a necessary way of getting through grief. While it can be helpful to do this in a group setting of some kind, mourning is an individual process – it’s just important that you allow yourself to have those feelings, to remain emotionally free.

Remain Mindful

Mindfulness is not so much a philosophy as it is an ongoing exercise. This exercise is simply being aware of the world around you and how you’re feeling personally. It can be difficult to “find time” to shift gears out of the normal every day patterns that often prevent us from looking inward, but that itself is the key. There is no specific time to be mindful – it is a matter of remaining so throughout your day. This allows you to process things easier and understand your emotions and those of people around you.

Sleep is Paramount

While the exact amount of sleep needed for everyone can change, person to person, getting enough sleep for you is critical to remaining healthy, both physically and mentally. You’ll think more clearly and you’ll function better, in terms of reflexes as well as focus.

Concentrate on the Good

This can be much easier to say than to do. Most of us can’t just “switch on” the positivity, especially if we’re dealing with daily stressors. There are methods to learning positivity, though, including self-forgiveness, practicing gratitude, and remembering the good things you do and have done.

Work on Stress Reduction

Whether exercising, meditating or seeking out therapy, you deserve and very likely need a stress outlet. Many of these other ideas will work on stress reduction as well, you just have to be mindful of how much stress you have.


One of the most challenging parts of wellness is being mindful. Life is full of distractions, and we often use those to distract from our biggest internal problems. Facing inward, then, can become very difficult over time, which is why prioritizing time with and for yourself is critical to finding and maintaining emotional wellness. Clearing your mind is rarely the goal, either – many times, simply thinking about how you’re having trouble clearing your mind can help you find other things to think about and other methods to finding inner peace.

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