Five Ways to Start Your Day with More Energy

Five Ways to Start Your Day with More Energy

If you’re the type of person who hits the snooze button on your alarm clock or phone repeatedly before getting out of bed in the morning, there are things you can do differently that make you feel more energetic. In fact, practice these tips long enough, and they’ll become second nature to you. You’ll put no thought into doing them and see favorable results instantaneously.

Five ways to start your day with more energy include:

1. Drink warm water with lemon.

It helps get your bodily functions moving. The water should be room temperature and the lemon should be fresh for best results. Water is hydrating and naturally helps with cognition so you’re able to think straight. When you’ve spent the night sleeping, your body needs hydration which is why drinking a glass or bottle of the clear stuff first thing in the morning is important.

2. Crank up your favorite dance tunes.

If you need an extra boost of motivation in the morning, turn on a playlist of your favorite music and get ready. You’ll be amazed at how energized you feel after you’ve spent the morning listening to uplifting music. In fact, you can keep the party going long after you leave for work or school, too, by playing music in the car or through your headphones while you commute. It’s an easy way to transform your morning routine. The right music has the ability to move and motivate you.

3. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Harvard Health suggests eating small meals and snacks every few hours for optimal health. Start by consuming a healthy breakfast. Aim for low glycemic index foods that are high in fiber and low in calories. You can include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and oils that are healthier such as olive oil. Make sure to pack a healthy snack with you so you can power through the day with greater ease. You don’t want your blood sugar crashing between breakfast and lunch.

4. Keep stress under wraps.

There is a reason why they call stress “the silent killer”. It creeps up on a person and causes irreversible damage to their bodies. Stress-related diseases and conditions such as a heart attack can be fatal. It’s important to have natural stress relievers available for you to utilize when things feel uncertain or uncomfortable. Yoga, meditation, and spending time in nature are all free activities you can engage in. Each lowers your blood pressure and provides valuable insight on the issue at hand.

5. Repeat an affirmation or two.

If you want to feel empowered, make affirmations a part of your daily routine. That way, you have control over your circumstances. You can use affirmations anywhere you go. You can memorize them and recite them out loud or print them out and post them in places where you’ll see them regularly. The point is to use them daily as inspiration.

Feel energized from the moment you get out of bed in the morning. The aforementioned tips help kickstart your day and get things off on the right foot. That way, you can enjoy more of the magical minutes you experience throughout this life with less stress and greater ease.

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