Five Ways to Make a Wellness “Retreat” at Home

Five Ways to Make a Wellness “Retreat” at Home

No matter what you might think about hard work and loving the grind, taking a little time out for yourself is never a bad thing. It’s not dependent on a specific time of year, or the permission of anyone else – it’s all about when you feel you need it. If you can’t leave, or if you only have the weekend for a little time for yourself, why not make your own wellness retreat right where you’re at your most comfortable? Here are five suggestions for turning your home into the ideal wellness retreat.

Environment is Key

Home may be where you feel your most comfy, but it’s also so familiar that it won’t feel like time away unless you add some new elements to kick off your retreat. A little rearrangement can go a long way, and if you’re able, some simple redecoration can help make your home feel new. Who knows? You might keep some of these new relaxing elements. Start by decluttering, then face chairs and couches and any other surfaces outward, facing your windows, to face nature (or at least the outdoors). From there, hang scarves or other relaxing items, and use your favorite aromatherapy device to make it smell as relaxing as possible.

Work Your Core Curriculum

Many wellness retreats are centered around learning new methods of taking care of your mind and your body. For your home retreat, you’re allowed to build your own school from scratch, based on the things you know you’re interested in learning. Taking classes from home can mean anything from signing up for a new learning subscription service online, to reading some wellness books (or any books you enjoy). You might even try yoga and wellness classes from certified instructors,

Make it a Spa Day

Wellness retreats love to tout the magic of their spas. This is the opportunity to take care of yourself with a relaxing bath, face mask and a delicious homemade smoothie or two. You might also try footbaths or giving yourself a manicure and/or pedicure for the ultimate home pampering experience.

Explore Nature’s Wonders

Getting out in nature is one of the simplest ways to work on your wellness that you probably have at your disposal. Even if there isn’t a lot of greenery, try taking new paths where you live (but do so safely) and open up your mind to your new surroundings. You will inevitably find other ways to think about yourself and the world by simply opening up your brain to things it isn’t used to seeing or experiencing.

Be Your Own Restaurant

What foods have you wanted to try most? What are some healthy foods you make in an interesting way? Your home wellness retreat is the right place to experiment with an array of healthy foods to see what you can integrate into your diet. It might be tempting to relax and snack – and if that’s your thing, go for it – but you can use your retreat as a way of finding out the tastes you never knew you had.

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