Five Unexpected Ways to Stay Hydrated

Five Unexpected Ways to Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is obviously the quickest way to get in your daily required amount of water to keep going, but there are other options available to get your water from. There are also ways to mix it up when drinking your water to make it a little less plain and boring. Whether it’s from your food or from your beverage intake, you have more options than simply drinking ordinary water. Here are five options for staying hydrated in addition to your normal water intake.

Fix Yourself a Salad

Since many vegetables are mostly made of water, you’ll be in good shape if you include a salad with lunch and dinner. Not only will you be starting off right by getting a serving or two of vegetables in with your two salads a day, but since lettuce is 96% water (by weight) you’ll be serving your body a lot of water and helping you maintain hydration throughout the day. A fruit salad is also a good option, as many berries, melons, stone fruits and citrus fruits contain a lot of water.

The Most Important Pre-Meal of the Day

Many people wake up considerably dehydrated, simply because breathing while sleeping expends much of the body’s hydration. This is why it’s a good idea to drink water first thing in the morning; having a covered glass ready by your bedside is a good way to stay with the habit. It also helps to add a little lemon juice to your water, too, not just for flavor, but because lemon water is supposed to help with overeating.

Have Some More Soup

Maybe it’s because soup is hot and savory, but we obviously don’t think of most soups as a drink. Fortunately, though, the water in the broth and the ingredients contain enough water to help increase your body’s overall hydration. If you need to add a little more water, include in your soup ingredients tomatoes and celery and you’ll be getting even more.

Make Some Berry Water

If you’re used to drinking cold water, but you’re also a little bored of blandness, you might consider cooling and flavoring your drink at once. Adding some frozen berries will do both, and will add some vitamins to your intake, as well.

Get Creative with Your Ice Cubes

Cold water drinkers have other options to keep it interesting, as well, by making ice cubes with mint leaves in them. You can also put berries in there, as well, for a slow-release flavor blast that keeps your drink cold,


Keeping things interesting is often the key to maintaining healthy habits, whether you find a new place to exercise, or find new healthy meals to keep you on the straight and narrow. Whatever your method for increasing your water intake, make sure it’s something you can enjoy and something you can keep doing. You can even get creative with each of these options, mixing up the ingredients or flavors you use to enhance your experience.

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