Five Sneaky Ways to Get More Exercise into Your Day

Exercise doesn't need to be strenuous to be helpful. In fact, you may feel like moving more when you're not doing high intensity interval training sessions at the local gym. Short bursts of physical activity throughout the day may be more your speed, anyway. People with hectic schedules find it hard to make it the gym due to time constraints and long list of commitments they've taken on.

If you don't want to make excuses for sitting, there are things you can do to be more active. Some are really easy to do while others are a bit harder. All have their own list of benefits which ultimately help you stay healthy by burning excess calories and conditioning your body so it remains strong, balanced, and flexible.

Here are five sneaky ways to get more exercise into your day:

1. Invest in a good fitness tracker and become obsessed with its readings.

Challenge yourself to beat your best record for the week by taking a few more steps throughout the day or opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator. The idea is to regularly monitor the amount of activity you're engaging in each day and make small changes to ensure that you're making the most of your waking hours.

2. Walk or bike to work at least one day a week.

If you live in a big city, it may be difficult to commute by foot or bicycle. You may find that you'll need to ride public transportation part of the way to do so. Keep your water bottle on you so you can stay hydrated while on the go. Still, the exercise you'll get by walking or pedaling your way to work is ideal. It will lift your spirits due to the endorphins your brain releases and you'll stay on track of your fitness goals with little effort.

3. Go window shopping in a big plaza or mall.

There's no need to buy a single thing. The point is to get some brisk walking in. Take a look to see what's available for purchase in the different shops while keeping track with your fitness tracker of the number of steps you've taken and the calories you've burned. You can do this anywhere you go that is sizable. The football stadium, art museum, and flea market are also places you can visit when you want to walk and experience a day out.

4. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter.

Places like that are always looking for volunteers. If you have the opportunity to help out, suggest that you walk the animals. That way, they benefit from exercising regularly, too. It's a great way to get shelter dogs out of their cages and outdoors where they can enjoy the fresh air.

5. Hold walking meetings.

Rather than sit in a boardroom somewhere, go outside and walk while you talk. It's a great way to clear the air, reduce feelings of anxiousness and frustration, and burn off the calories you consumed at lunch. You'll feel lighter, more informed, and ready to tackle the rest of your day with great ease.

You don't need to work hard to break a sweat. In fact, if you use these tips throughout the week, you won't feel as bad when you can't make it to the gym. You'll still be burning calories, toning muscles, and staying physically active. Best of all, there's no real time commitment because many of the tasks can be done while you're doing something else.

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