Five Healthy Summer Habits

Five Healthy Summer Habits

Your New Year’s resolutions are half a year away in both directions, so rather than shame yourself for any you might not have stuck with, why not try a few new things halfway? Better late than never also applies to self-care, and, fortunately, finding healthy activities and habits that fit in with the warm weather and your summer lifestyle are easier than you might think. Here are five healthy habits you can try this summer to kick back into gear for the rest of the year.

Morning Workouts

Even if it’s just a walk, there’s nothing like a post-breakfast calorie burn to get you going. Get a little protein and some other necessary nutrients in your body first, then head on out and get fresh air and get moving. This will increase your metabolism over all, and will produce endorphins, which will allow you to feel better about exercising. Eventually, you might even get hooked.

Revisit Swimming

There’s almost no better cardio than swimming, and with its other key trait of cooling you off in the middle of often oppressive heat, you have the perfect exercise option wherever you might find a pool. Even gentle swimming can burn over 400 calories over an hour, and if you increase the intensity and amount of time you’re in the pool, that will obviously increase.

Give Sleep a Chance

As an adult, you still need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you’ve got your workout handled, and you’re eating better, you should give your body the chance to recharge and heal, especially if your workouts or other summer activities are pushing you a little to the limit. Keeping your sleep schedule regular is also hugely important, so as not to throw yourself off and give yourself off days, making it harder to stick to your other healthy habits.

Handle the Tooth

It isn’t just about brushing twice a day, it’s a matter of staying on a regular schedule and, of course, adding daily flossing and mouthwash use to your routine. This not only will make you feel better, but it will add to your overall health, as gum disease has the ability to increase risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

The Food Rainbow

The more colorful vegetables and fruits you eat during the day, the healthier you’re going to be. You should find room for between five and nine servings a day of them, to increase the intake of their vitamins and natural fluoride. It’s easier than you think to find delicious veggie and fruit options.


Always remember to enjoy yourself and, when moderation is called for, give it a shot. There’s nothing better than enjoying yourself just enough that you can continue to appreciate it. This way, you can head home from your favorite summer activity feeling satisfied and confident that the next new healthy habit on your schedule is actually going to stick. A healthy lifestyle has the benefit of making you realize even more changes in your life.

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