Five Health Gadgets to Help Your Overall Wellness

Five Health Gadgets to Help Your Overall Wellness

Eating well and exercising when possible are great ways to get started on living a healthier life, but some of us have trouble tracking parts of our health or reminding ourselves how important certain elements of health can be. This is where tech and even a bit of gadgetry can come in helpful. Whether you need to track your fitness or keep things sterilized and purified, here are five gadgets that can help you stay on top of your personal health.

ScanWatch by Withings

You may already have a FitBit or even a smartwatch loaded with exercise and other health-related features, but the ScanWatch from Withings is purported to be the most sophisticated health-tracking smartwatch on the market. It features ECG monitoring for heart rate and irregularities of heartbeat, as well as the ability to read blood oxygen levels. It features many other fitness trackers, as well, in a handsome-looking package.

CleanPod UVC Sterilizer from Monos

You’ve probably seen different variations of these products that use ultraviolet, or UV light, to sanitize things. Many people are indeed still concerned about the germs and bacteria that stick around on the surfaces of things, and for good reason. This wand uses Ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and is incredibly small, making it portable in case you need to sanitize something elsewhere. It takes thirty seconds to do its job, and it is well worth the investment.

PuriCare Mini Air Purifier by LG

This rechargeable, 8-hour battery life air purifier can travel with you. Given its size, it's perfect for small spaces like your car. It will give you a rough idea of surrounding air quality through its LED lights, and you can control the purifier via Bluetooth, as well.

Blood Pressure Monitor from BPM Core

Monitoring and checking your blood pressure is always a little more complicated than tracking other health vitals. BPM Core’s blood pressure monitor, though, does allow you to measure it, and comes with a built-in ECG, and it’s all packaged into one very portable unit, which is atypical for any kind of blood pressure cuff.

Smart Gluco-Monitoring System by iHealth Lab

If you have diabetes and have to track blood glucose, finding a good glucometer is critical. One option from iHealth Lab Inc records results on their smartphone app and keeps a history of them for yourself and for your health care professional. It comes with 10 lancets and 10 testing strips as well and is an incredibly portable option, especially useful for checking your blood glucose levels on the go.


Wellness begins wherever it is easiest for you to begin since so much of it is self-care. Finding the right gadget might be the key to allowing some of the elements of health monitoring to sit gently at the back of your mind while you work on yourself in other ways, whether through meditation, socializing, or other acts of wellness. Always consult with your physician if you’re unsure if something is right for you.

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