Five Group Wellness Activities for the Summer

Five Group Wellness Activities for the Summer

People love to tell you to “get on out there,” but sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do, especially on your own. On the other hand, if you have a partner, or a group, some wellness activities might be a little more palatable, or be more your speed. With exercise, group work is all about accountability, whereas with wellness, it’s simply about support. Wellness can sometimes be about accepting the necessity of wellness, which is why “working on yourself to be willing to work on yourself” can be difficult. Here are some group wellness activities that might help you take advantage of the warm weather for a little self-improvement.

Cooking Classes

Cooking is maybe the perfect group activity, because it has a built-in rewards system. You’re learning while at the same time getting to make something you and your friends can enjoy together. There’s little more rewarding than learning a new skill, especially one you can actually use in your everyday life. Find a local cooking class – or even take an online one with a friend – and enjoy your power to bring people together with food.


There’s the statistic that says that the people who give most to charitable organizations are the people with the least to give. If you’re struggling with wellness, you might be helped along by the opportunity to help other people – it’s a reward on its own. Many organizations will put you in the right place for your skillset – and being reminded of your own helpfulness can be a powerful tool to reminding you that you need and deserve help when you can get it.

Group Meditations

Meditation is not always about clearing the mind, so if you find yourself busy thinking about “why isn’t my mind clear enough,” you’re already doing some of the work – thinking about your own thought processes. Meditating with a group can help you realize that there’s no one way to do it, and you might get some tips, too.


If you’re the business type and you always have to take meetings, and they have to be in person, why not make those exercise meetings? Get some actual endorphins while hammering out that deal, and feel better in the process.


Gardening is another group activity with built-in rewards. Try and find a community garden to work with, and you might just find your concerns melting away as you busy yourself with the upkeep of your neighborhood with like-minded people.


There’s no place more appropriate for “at your own speed” than wellness activities. We all have individual needs and reasons for needing to concentrate on specific parts of our wellness. Find yourself a group of like-minded people, or people in your support group to come along for your own good. It can sometimes feel difficult to ask for help or just for company, but good friends won’t find it difficult to say yes. You deserve to feel your best, so it’s okay to ask for help to get better.

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